The Project Has Been a Complete Success

Welcon A/S

A previous solution needed upgrading from 2 to 4 welding heads per arm in 2014. Furthermore, the production needed to be increased with another production line that was delivered in 2015.


  • Upgrade of old welding automation equipment
  • New production line


  • Four-headed automated welding solution
  • Increased production capacity
  • High quality and uptime

"We are at the forefront of technological development with our new solution being ’state of the art’."

Jens Pedersen  |  CEO and Co-owner, Welcon A/S

At the end of 2012, ENABL delivered a welding automation solution that, in many ways, matched the ultimate in welding technology. CEO Jens Pedersen said: ”A solution based on good quality has, together with a responsible partner, given us extremely high uptime. This project has been a complete success.”

”Now ENABL has completed the implementation of this new production line with four welding heads per arm. The goal was to ’double up’ while maintaining the good quality and extremely high uptime,” says Jens Pedersen

Jens Pedersen

”We are at the forefront of technological development with our new solution being ’State of the art’. Therefore, we stand by our strong recommendation of ENABL A/S as a partner.”


Welcon A/S is a Danish company that mainly deals with turnkey steel constructions. Over the past 40 years, Welcon has developed and maintained solid and competent know-how in the steel industry. This know-how, combined with targeted investments in production facilities and personnel, has put Welcon at the forefront of technological development in welding processes and the delivery of customer-tailored components and construction.