Nordex Group tests significantly cost-reduction on the sanding of blades

Nordex Group

Nordex Group tested a Semi-Automatic Sander (SAS). After three days of testing the SAS, the benefits in their blade production were obvious.


  • Manual sanding and cleaning of blades
  • Expensive processes due to man-hours
  • Larger blades means even more man-hours
  • Need for higher capacity
  • Large effort to ensure a healthy and safe working environment


  • Significant cost-reduction and reduced man-hours
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Much faster sanding process
  • Higher capacity due to speed of the SAS
  • Improved safety and working environment

Jehanzeb Khan
Senior Process Engineer at Nordex Group

"We completed two tests of the Semi-Automatic Sander with Blade Cleaner and the results were very satisfying. The sanding and cleaning processes in our blade production demand many man-hours. That’s why we need to improve and replace manual processes. With the SAS with Blade Cleaner, one operator can do both processes, hence the business case is good.”

Sanding and cleaning simultaneously with a speed of 200 m2/hour

For 3 days, the Semi-Automatic Sander with Blade Cleaner was tested at Nordex Group. They tested the basic functions of the SAS but also the new Blade Cleaner, which is patent pending and an add-on to the SAS machine. The tests were managed by Jehanzeb Khan, Senior Process Engineer at Nordex Group.

“I can see the benefits by adding the Blade Cleaner to the Semi-Automatic Sander. The sanding –  and cleaning process now work simultaneously with only one operator. It gives an optimized process in the blade production and significantly cost-reduction” Jehanzeb Khan tells.

In blade production worldwide, it is well-known that the sanding and cleaning process demands heavy man-hours. Therefore, the processes are expensive. The blades are getting larger and larger, so the need for flexible – one machine fits all – and automated processes are urgent.

“Our Semi-Automatic Sander with Blade Cleaner is automized and fast working with a speed up to 200 m2/hour. And it reaches up to 7,5 m in height and only one operator is needed” says Jakob Kristensen, Sales Director at ENABL.


We constantly improve our equipment due to feedback from customers

“Customers testing our equipment is an important part of our business. The feedback received from Nordex Group was highly appreciated by the R&D department. We constantly improve our solutions to increase capacity, to automize and improve health and safety,” Jakob tells.

There is limited space in the blade production facilities worldwide, hence the need for compact and easy maneuver equipment is crucial. The SAS with Blade Cleaner can operate in a space with only 2,2 m between the blades.

“We target equipment which can operate in limited space, and the Semi-Automatic Sander fulfills these needs,” Jehanzeb Khan tells.

Nordex Group

The Nordex Group offers powerful wind turbines for nearly all geographical regions across the globe. Nordex SE is the management holding company with its headquarters in Rostock; the board and administration is based in Hamburg, Germany.

The company boasts factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, USA, India and Mexico. It also offers a customized service for all wind turbines, which ensures the hassle-free operation of the machines on a worldwide scale. The group has offices and subsidiaries in more than 32 countries around the world with a total global headcount of approx. 8,500 employees.

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