Students and interns

Do you want to kick off your career with us?

At ENABL, we welcome both interns, student workers, and students looking for a case for their bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

To us, students are a valuable source to new knowledge and fresh perspectives. That’s why we are always keen to make room for students. And many of the students we collaborate with end up sticking around.

We are ready to work with students within: Engineering, Automation, Mechanics, Electrics, HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, and Quality.

Meet former intern Henry Schäfer

Here's our offer to students and interns

An attentive manager

As an intern or student worker, you will be assigned a manager who cares about your development as well as your wellbeing. Together, you and your manager will shape your role at ENABL.

In-depth tasks

We want you to enjoy your work. That's why we provide you with interesting in-depth tasks which allow you to immerse yourself into your work and develop your skills.

Involvement in the team

At ENABL, all students are welcomed as an integral part of the team. Your colleagues see you as a valuable addition to the team, and you are treated on the same terms as everyone else.

A global working environment

ENABL is present in ten countries, and our workforce is made up of many different nationalities. You can therefore except to become part of a global environment and to collaborate with colleagues across borders.

Practice to your theory

We allow you to unfold the great theoretical knowledge which you have obtained through your education. We also teach you new things which you can only learn through practical work experience.

A sniff at the wind industry

ENABL is part of the fast-growing wind industry. Working with us, you get to experience the industry first-hand and witness the impressive developments which are taking place, including our Power-to-X efforts.

“Throughout the last 20 years, I have collaborated with interns and student workers. I see this type of collaboration as a huge benefit and believe we have an obligation to offer interesting learning opportunities to future stars. To me, students bring new perspectives, energy to the team, and the possibility for us to pass on relevant, practical learning as a supplement to their studies. Furthermore, they keep us on our toes. We need to be sharp to challenge and keep up with our student colleagues.”

– Maja Nielsen, Global HR Director

Meet Daniel Grewy Skovgaard

“When I was a student, I was purposely looking for an internship within consultancy. I knew that the consultancy business was a great opportunity for me to work in-depth with a variety of tasks. After my interview with ENABL, I actually held back from applying for internships at other companies because the internship with ENABL really piqued my interest.”

– Daniel, former intern and Student Worker at ENABL.

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Meet Lea Lan

“I have learned so much at ENABL. It is of great value to me to be able to actually get involved in a real business and learn to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. I am building up my professional network, and I have gotten access to so many tools and so much industry knowledge which you just don’t get at school.”

– Lea, former intern and Student Worker at ENABL.

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