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From Intern to Junior Mechanical Engineer: Meet Daniel Grewy Skovgaard

Daniel Grewy Skovgaard has been on a great journey with ENABL.

In august 2021, Daniel took on an internship position in ENABL’s Consulting department. As his internship came to an end, Daniel was offered to continue in the department as a Student Worker. Today, he is in a position as Junior Mechanical Engineer – as a full-time employee in ENABL.

“When I was a student, I was purposely looking for an internship within consultancy. I knew that the consultancy business was a great opportunity for me to work in-depth with a variety of tasks. After my interview with ENABL, I actually held back from applying for internships at other companies because the internship with ENABL really piqued my interest,” Daniel says.

Versatility and responsibility

As anticipated, the internship within ENABL’s Consulting department turned out to be very versatile in terms of tasks. Throughout his internship, Daniel was connected to many different projects, for instance a lifting equipment project within which he had close contact with one of ENABL’s customers. He was also given the responsibility to carry out calculations and simulations for a customer who was experiencing significant wind turbine breakdowns.

“During my internship, I realized that working was much more appealing to me than going to school. I really wanted to be involved in technical project management, and I came much closer to that through working at ENABL than through studying,” Daniel says.

When Daniel finished his internship, he reached out to his manager, Anne-Mette Nils Ebbesen, to discuss whether it was possible for him to stay at ENABL as a Student Worker. Daniel’s competencies and dedicated efforts were highly appreciated in the team, and Anne-Mette therefore offered Daniel a Student Worker position, which he managed while he completed his studies.

The ENABL journey continues

Daniel finished his studies to become a Mechanical Engineer in January 2023. Shortly before that, Anne-Mette pulled Daniel aside and offered him a full-time position as a Junior Mechanical Engineer.

“Throughout his time with us, Danial has shown a high level of curiosity and openness towards new areas and tasks. With a positive approach, he has thrown himself into tasks and challenges, always with the same mentality: I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that. Based on his open mindset, his positive view of life, and his high level of learning, he is handling tasks as a consultant and has built up a wide-ranging network. We feel very lucky to be so privileged that Daniel chose to stay with us,” Anne-Mette says.

“I was really happy to be offered a full-time position at ENABL. Anne-Mette is a trustful manager who is not afraid to delegate responsibility, and I was therefore very keen to stay in her team. I knew ENABL and my colleagues really well at that point, and I knew that my development opportunities would be great because of the organizational structure in ENABL,” Daniel says.

Today, Daniel is hired as a consultant to one of ENABL’s customers, continuing his exciting journey with wind industry projects.

Daniel and colleague

Daniel with colleagues

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