ENABL United Kingdom

Multi-disciplined team

We have a multi-disciplined team of engineers capable of maintenance, fabrication, design, spare parts, service and repairs of onshore site and offshore equipment.

Our UK team is certified and ready to work offshore anytime.

Since 2016, we have operated in the UK and been a part of all major UK projects.

Our key competencies are maintenance, service and repairs, but also providing manpower in the form of experienced engineers to projects outside UK on a regular basis.


In the United Kingdom, we have trainers available to travel the world to meet our customers’ demands.

Do you need certified Tagline training, Semi-Automatic Sanding training or training in other ENABL equipment?

We can provide it – Wherever Wind Is.





Hire Mike as Operator

Hire one of our dedicated and experienced operators. You will save time and costs.

Benefits for you:

  • You are able to continue the daily operations
  • Let the operator solve other tasks as well. Value for money for you.
  • The operator will be a part of your installation team
  • The operator can perform daily service of the equipment during operation
  • The operator has a direct interphase into our engineers in case of break down

Achieve zero safety incidents 

Increase availability of equipment

Reduce total costs of ownership

24/7 Remote Support

We have specialists to support you 24/7 – Wherever Wind Is.

If the issue cannot be solved over the phone, our technicians can assist you by Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

With a RealWear headset, your operator can share what he sees with ENABL’s specialists. We will quickly get an overview of the equipment and the challenges the operator has.

Therefore, we will be able to effectively guide and support you – wherever you are.

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Do you need service solutions provided by our team in the UK?

We follow and support you – Wherever Wind Is.

Klaus Nikolaj Nielsen

Manager, ENABL UK