E-Towers Achieves an Increased Capacity of 35% on the Painting Line with New Rotators

E-Towers Famaba S.A.

Optimization of the painting line to increase the capacity and optimize the painting and drying time with rotators for surface treatment of wind turbine towers.


  • Inefficiency with painting and drying processes at the same location
  • Need for increased capacity


  • Rotators for surface treatment to increase the capacity in one production line
  • Increased capacity of 35% achieved with a smaller investment
  • Flow, layout, and processes are changed in the handling of the towers to increase the output
  • Benefits and flexibility with electrical cabinets moved away from the dirty painting zone

Tycho Bauwens
Production Manager E-Towers Famaba S.A.

"I saw a few options to optimize our painting line, and ENABL mentioned, that we had a lot more capabilities in our production line. E-Towers had the goal that on one painting line, instead of 7-8 towers, achieve 10-11 towers per week. So, this means a large capacity increase with a smaller investment."

Optimized capacity from 7-8 towers per week to 9-11 towers

ENABL has delivered customized rotators to E-Towers in Poland. The goal was to optimize their painting line.

“We have updated one line. Before we had one set of old paint rotators, which was an Achilles heel to reach the desired capacity. Now we have more sets of reliable equipment,” explains Tycho Bauwens, Production Manager at E-Towers.

“Flow, layout and drying processes are changed in the handling of towers to increase the output,” explains Thomas Thyssen, Sales Manager Tower & Monopile, ENABL.

Going from a hanging system to standing rotators changed the handling of the painting processes for the company.

“Previously in a standard week we had 7-8 towers in one line, and now we are going with a pace of in between 9-11 towers. The optimization and the result were remarkable, as we now are painting more towers every week, and using the space more efficiently. Now we use 70 meters of our paint line, where in the past we only used 35 meters, which is a huge gain,” Tycho continues.

E-Towers Famaba’s goals were to optimize the painting line to 10-11 towers in one line per week, which was achieved by the new sets of rotators, changed flow, and processes, which he categorized as a minor investment.

“We did achieve our theoretical goals. And honestly, that does not happen a lot when you invest,” explains Tycho.

Strongly and simply build

“Simple concept but good quality. Not over sophisticated. Strongly build and simple build. Just what we need to be honest,” explains Tycho.

The flexibility was a very important issue for E-Towers, as they were reliable on the one zone before.

“That is actually how I would describe the project. Flexibility and reliability. Now we are painting in two zones, and we just used to paint in one zone. We have the flexibility to work in two zones with reliable rotators,” elaborates Tycho.

Furthermore, the electrical cabinets are put outside and away from the painting process, which benefits them a lot.



Communication with competent specialists

A problem with the brakes resulted in a lot of back-and-forth communication and testing, as it was not possible for ENABL’s technicians to visit the site in Poland due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

“The problem with the brakes was handled well. Your people are dedicated and persistent, and the communication was good,” says Tycho.

“ENABL’s employees are very experienced and very supportive for managers like me. I have learned a lot. Everyone at ENABL was very loyal to the project, so I found them very committed,” he continues.

It is not the first time for E-Towers to cooperate with ENABL, but it is the first larger project with a customized solution.

“ENABL is a bit in between. They do the custom building, but they also do the standards,” Tycho finishes.


The communication

“ENABL’s employees are very experienced and very supportive for managers like me. I have learned a lot. Everyone at ENABL was very loyal to the project, so I found them very committed,” says Tycho Bauwens.


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