“By hiring ENABL’s consultants, we can satisfy our customers much better”



  • Sales orders are not steady – sometimes orders are booming
  • Too much work for HydraSpecma’s employees during peak times
  • Difficulties fulfilling the customers’ needs
  • Hard to be agile in a small team of five members


  • High customers satisfaction because HydraSpecma can avoid saying no to customers’ orders
  • More volume added to the business
  • Much greater agility when consultants are added to the team
  • Employees are protected and given better working conditions

“We can support and satisfy our customers in a much better way when we use consultants from ENABL. We hire consultants when our orders are booming. Otherwise, we must say no to orders. Another benefit from hiring consultants is that we are able to protect our employees and not push them over the limit with too much work. It is a win-win situation for both our customers and our employees.”

Ivan Grabovac  |  Manager for Project and ECM, HydraSpecma

ENABL ConsultantsWhen the orders are booming at HydraSpecma, consultants are hired


Ivan Grabovac, Manager for Project and ECM at HydraSpecma, does not get stressed out when unexpected orders hit his desk. He has found a clever way to solve order peaks and at the same time create great working conditions for his employees.

Ivan’s division at HydraSpecma produces coolers for on- and offshore wind turbines. Ivan has five employees in his team, and he adds 1 to 3 consultants from ENABL to the team when needed. This has been the scenario for the last two years. His college, Engineering Manager Martin Bruun, has the exact same setup in his team and hires 3 to 4 consultants from ENABL to support his team.

The consultants are hired for 3 months and up to 6 months when orders are booming.

“Our sales orders are not steady, and sometimes unexpected orders hit my desk even though we try to plan for them. Adding the consultants to the team means that we can handle these orders within an acceptable timeline and fulfil the customers’ needs. At the same time, I am taking good care of my employees and not pushing them with too much work,” Ivan explains.

Windturbines onshoreRenewable industry experience is an essential requirement


”I have dialogues with our Senior Project Manager about the profiles and especially the kind of tasks the consultants are going to solve. We hire profiles such as Project Managers, Tech Leads, and CAD Designers,” Ivan says.

HydraSpecma only hires consultants with renewable industry experience. It is an essential requirement because they simply understand the exact demands of the business. Professional skills such as mechanical design experience in Inventor is also a requirement. Due to Ivan having a small team of five members, the chemistry between the employees and the consultants is also very important, which is why their personal skills also must fit into the team.

Often, Ivan makes an agreement with the consultants about being present at the office.

“I like the consultants to be present at our office due to the dynamic in the team, but right now I have a consultant who is at the office three days a week and works from home for two days. We always find a solution to satisfy both partners,” Ivan says.

Ivan has 1:1 meetings with the consultants each month to support them, to follow up, to match expectations, and to clarify tasks and workload.

The cooperation

“The cooperation with ENABL Sales is excellent. I can highlight that the communication is open and based on mutual trust. I can recommend ENABL’s consultants due to the large flexibility they are quickly adding to my team and also the good quality. Recently, we have also realized attractive in-house engineering competencies in ENABL. Competencies which we, for sure, will look for in the future,” Ivan Gabovac says.




HydraSpecma is a leading company of hydraulic solutions in Northern Europe., with forty years of experience in providing solutions to the wind industry. Globally, they count 1,500 employees. HydraSpecma is headquartered in Skjern, Denmark, and has 10 global locations.

In 2022, HydraSpecma acquired Swedish Ymer Technology’s wind division, which produces coolers for on- and offshore wind turbines. With this transaction, HydraSpecma has strengthened its position as a leading supplier within the development and production of lubrication and filtration systems, cooling systems, pitch-hydraulics, and connectors for the wind industry.

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