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The New Global Player in Solutions for the Wind Energy Industry

From 1 March 2021 the four highly specialised engineering companies and knowledge enterprises SONNE A/S, BIIR A/S, Blaaholm A/S and Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S are joining forces under the name ENABL A/S, becoming a strong global player in the wind industry.

This is a temporary website until the legal part of the merger comes into effect on 1 November 2021.

Solutions at Every Step

The merger, which goes into effect on 1 March 2021, is the result of an ambition to satisfy the strong growth in the market, which increasingly calls for players that can develop, plan, and execute large projects and offer consultants and outsourcing.

ENABL A/S will become an independent limited company in Eltronic Group A/S in line with the other companies in the group.

With the establishment of ENABL A/S, both the management and staff can extend the focus on creating innovative, technological solutions that will help boost customers’ global competitiveness.

Whatever the scale, detail, or specialist skill, we’re ready to enable ambitious new projects with know-how and specialist knowledge. Ready to enable the entire wind turbine industry. And ready to enable the global energy supply of tomorrow.

One Global Company
One Total Solutions Provider

ENABL will consolidate under Consulting & Outsourcing, Equipment, and Global Service. By consolidating all its know-how, customers can now outsource larger business projects and areas to ENABL, in the same way that larger development projects can be carried out globally. The companies comprising ENABL A/S all come with a strong profile and specialist knowledge.

Consulting & Outsourcing

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Nacelle Production Equipment

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"With the merger, we remain focused on customers in the wind industry and on further developing our services for the market demands. We look forward to continuing our contribution to the global green transition together with you. Given the growth potential in the global market, we believe the time is right for us to merge and combine our strengths in a single company that can further strengthen customers’ competitive ability.”

- Lars Jensen, Owner and Managing Director, Eltronic Group A/S

Kilde Alle 4
DK-8722 Hedensted

Thomas Hedegaard


+45 5157 2670

Rasmus Uhrskov Jessen

COO Global Operations

+45 5157 2653

Henrik Kjærgaard

CCO Customized Solutions

+45 2810 2761

Henrik Mathiesen

CCO Consulting & Outsourcing

+45 2911 8404

Torben Blaaholm

CCO Tower & Monopile

+45 4127 0027


Rasmus Schmidt Lind

Sales Director - Consulting

Tlf. +45 28 14 95 99


Jakob Kristensen

Director - Outsourcing

Tlf. +45 21 32 43 04

Morten Brinch Jensen

Sales Director - Outsourcing

Tlf. +45 41 77 07 13

Tower & Monopile Production Equipment

Torben Blaaholm

CCO Tower & Monopile

Tlf. +45 41 27 00 27

Jesper Aarup Hansen

Technical Sales Manager

Tlf. +45 40 52 85 46

Thomas Thyssen

Product & Business Development Manager

Tlf. +45 22 93 92 22

Nacelle Production Equipment

Klaus Mikkelsen

Sales Manager

Tlf. +45 30 17 87 97

Thomas Astrup

Department Manager, Fast Track Projects

Tlf. +45 41 77 08 04

Henrik Nygård Henriksen

Sales Manager - Fast Track Projects

Tlf. +45 51 57 26 32

Henrik Kjærgaard

CCO Customized Solutions

Tlf. +45 28 10 27 61

Blade Production Equipment

Henrik Toft Kromann

Sales Director - Production Technology

Tlf. +49 151 43240545

Klaus Mikkelsen

Sales Manager

Tlf. +45 30 17 87 97

Henrik Kjærgaard

CCO Customized Solutions

Tlf. +45 28 10 27 61

Test equipment

Henrik Toft Kromann

Sales Director - Production Technology

Tlf. +49 151 43240545

Søren Bach-Rasmussen

Project Manager

Tlf. +45 51 57 26 03

Henrik Kjærgaard

CCO Customized Solutions

Tlf. +45 28 10 27 61

Transport & Installation

Brian Marcimak

Sales Director - Lifting & Transport Equipment

Tlf. +45 21 71 57 43

Anders Kristian Lauridsen

Engineering Manager

Henrik Kjærgaard

CCO Customized Solutions

Tlf. +45 28 10 27 61

Skarpi Sveinsson

Manager of Aftersales & Service Execution

Tlf. +45 28 10 27 62

Jesper Skouboe

Resource Manager

Tlf. +45 51 57 26 83

Torben Midtgaard

Supply Chain Manager

Tlf. +45 51 71 38 06

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