CS Wind Taiwan Reaches the Desired Capacity on New Factory

CS Wind Taiwan

Production Equipment for Establishing a New CS Wind Tower Factory in Taiwan.


  • New innovative production equipment needed to reach desired capacity
  • Limited space
  • Limited crane capacity
  • New employees without adequate SAW welding experience


  • Multi Seam Welding Station means the desired capacity is reached in limited space
  • Easy operation of column & booms
  • Rotators and fit-up systems can handle heavy structures
  • Fewer shutdowns and fewer hours spent, less staff required for maintenance
  • Customized solutions to save space and crane capacity

Mr. Park
Head of CS Wind Taiwan

"ENABL's solutions resolved our challenges. The Multi Seam Welding Station with 3 welding heads helped us achieve our desired welding capacity in limited space. The column & booms are easy to operate, even for inexperienced operators. The operators trust the equipment and can concentrate on the product quality."

In November 2019, wind turbine tower production started at CS Wind Taiwan in Taichung. Months were spent on the adaptation of existing buildings and the installation and commissioning of three production lines from ENABL on a very tight schedule.

New Production Setup and Customized Equipment Ensure the Desired Capacity

In the initial stages of the project, CS Wind Taiwan performed capacity calculations. The calculations showed that they had to look for new production methods and a new production setup in order to achieve the desired capacity in a limited production area. CS Wind chose ENABL as the supplier, because the Multi Seam Welding Station can ensure the capacity, and customized solutions resolved the challenges of limited space and crane capacity.

The Installation Process Has Been Easier than Expected

The installation at CS Wind has been efficient. Mr. Park says “The installation process has been easier than expected, especially in light of the new factory, inexperienced employees and a holiday season.”

CS Wind Taiwan did not have the opportunity to visit ENABL for the FAT test or receive training prior to the installation due to a very tight schedule. The commissioning itself also took place on a tight schedule, limiting time for training. During the installation, ENABL’s Engineering team made sure to involve CS Wind’s Maintenance team for the purpose of training the team in service and maintenance of the equipment, to ensure optimal performance.

“The ENABL team has provided kind support and efficient online support, so it has worked out really well” says Mr. Park.

Customized Solutions

“I was confident that ENABL could solve the task. Multi Seam Welding Stations are well-known systems at other tower manufacturers, and the solution ensures that we achieve the desired capacity in a limited space. I also realized that ENABL had an understanding and in-depth knowledge of tower production. They know that it’s not as simple as it looks,” explains Mr. Park, Head of CS Wind Taiwan.

CS Wind wanted a reliable and easy-to-operate solution, given that their 100+ employees were inexperienced in SAW welding. It is therefore crucial that operators are trained and trust the equipment so they can concentrate on product quality.

“We had asked for a customized solution due to limited crane capacity and limited space. ENABL has provided a customized solution for the fit-up systems, for Growing Line and a customized lifting unit. For internal transport, a transfer unit was developed to lift the cans between the bays. A fit-up system was positioned on top of the transfer unit to reduce the space. All the solutions ensure the desired capacity,” says Mr. Park.

“The collaboration on the project with Mr. Park and Mr. Lee, as well as the entire CS Wind team, has been great. Weekly Skype meetings and status reports have ensured that all interfaces, specifications and requirements have been met. The benefits of our outstanding collaboration mean that we have resolved the challenges by implementing customized solutions to ensure CS Wind maximum output,” says Thomas Thyssen, Business Development Manager at ENABL.

The rotators and fit-up systems can handle heavy structures even though crane capacity is limited. “We would like to continue our cooperation with ENABL for development of customized equipment for the production of towers of a larger-diameter and heavier weight,” says Mr. Park.

Cooperation with a European Supplier

This is the first time CS Wind has partnered with a European supplier of rotators and column & booms.

“We have had an excellent collaboration. ENABL delivered on time even within a tight schedule, and delivered an efficient Engineering team for installation, training and commissioning,” concludes Mr. Park.


CS Wind is a global manufacturer of wind turbine towers. Since 2003 they have produced approx. 9,619 towers for onshore and offshore wind turbine farms.

CS Wind manufactures globally at six sites in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, UK and Turkey.