Grundfos benefits from ENABL’s consultants during periods of high demand


Engineering department at Grundfos benefits from ENABL’s consultants when the workload peaks


  • Handling all projects internally in a very busy department
  • Need for flexibility when the workload peaks
  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Outsourcing tasks to handle workload peaks


  • Greater flexibility in Grundfos’ Engineering department
  • Workload peaks are solved
  • Easy onboarding of the consultants
  • Profiles are matched perfectly, entailing good quality
  • Easy offboarding of the consultants when projects are completed

“Using ENABL’s consultants gives us the flexibility we need. We are able to solve our workload peaks. Also, the onboarding and offboarding processes with the consultants are very straightforward.“

Morten Friman  |  Department Head at Grundfos

The Cooperation


Daniel and colleague

For more than two years, Morten Friman, Department Head at Grundfos, has cooperated with ENABL on hiring engineering consultants – first in his former position at Siemens Gamesa and now at Grundfos.

Now, up to 20% of the workforce in Morten’s department are consultants. His department is a very busy engineering department working with the development and design of equipment.

Grundfos hires consultants as Tech Leads and Project Managers for both short-term and long-term projects and especially benefits from the fast onboarding and offboarding of the consultants.

“The consultants work on equal terms with our permanent employees, and I find all of them very good at adapting to the culture at Grundfos,” Morten says.

“Also, we have a good and open dialogue with Sales at ENABL. Their response to our needs is fast and smooth. Candidates are matched exactly to the profiles we specify. I can recommend ENABL to others due to the great quality, and I would like to highlight the professional and open approach of the cooperation,” Morten says.



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