Purchase of Rotaters and Fit-up Systems after Previous Positive Experiences with ENABL


FrancEole needed a new 100-ton fit-up system for growing line and 100-ton conventional rotators to be used on welding lines in their tower production.


  • Production expansion


  • Strong and reliable equipment
  • Easy access to the hydraulic group on the rotators

"We have chosen ENABL as our supplier based on our previous experiences."

Anthony Deschamps  |  Head of Maintenance, FrancEole

Our Old ENABL Equipment Is Strong and Reliable

“We have chosen ENABL as our supplier based on our previous experiences” says Anthony. “Four years ago, we ordered rotators from ENABL and have been highly satisfied with the solution they provided. Now it is time to purchase new equipment and we contacted ENABL without hesitation. The old equipment has been very strong and reliable. We haven’t experienced any major  problems with the equipment, only small maintenance issues like replacement of a suction nozzle.”

“We have had a dialog with ENABL about easy access to the hydraulic group on the rotators, and we have solved it by adding lifting eyes, so the cover can be lifted by a crane.”

The Process and Cooperation

“The process has been fast and efficient. All the operations have gone smoothly, from the order phrase to installation. It took only 4 months to receive the rotators and fit-up systems. The installation was very fast, as well. It was plug and play.”

Anthony Deschamps

“The cooperation with ENABL is very professional. They listen and fulfil our needs, but they also tell us about potential new solutions to optimize our work. I would recommend ENABL without a doubt, and we will continue to work with ENABL on future projects.”


Based in Burgundy, France, FrancEole is a French steel tower manufacturer.

With two operational facilities, today FrancEole offers a capacity of 600 sections per year. 220 qualified employees are fully dedicated to tower production.

The major wind generator constructors trust FrancEole to supply quality towers on time for their projects.