Safety and Control at High Wind Speeds

Jan De Nul Group

Our tagline system was used to complete the installation of 50 wind turbines at Nobelwind offshore wind farm. Back in 2016, Nobelwind announced the launch of construction of a fourth wind farm in the North Sea. The Jan De Nul Group – a dredging, offshore, civil and environmental contractor based in Luxembourg, was appointed to install all foundations and wind turbines offshore. For that purpose, the Jan De Nul Group decided to use ENABL’s tagline system, which not only allowed for safe component installation at high wind speeds, but also reduced the installation time.

"For us it is very important that ENABL is thinking long-term with the client, I can say that the whole process was a great example of a smooth cooperation."

Kris Van Limbergen  |  Technical Inspector, Jan De Nul Group

Working Towards a Better Solution

Kris Van Limbergen, the technical inspector from the Jan De Nul Group explains the circumstances of the project: “We knew that time was of the essence, considering the complexity of this project. We had to make sure that the entire operation could be performed as quickly as possible, but at the same time, with a maximum level of safety for both operators and components. Using a tack-line system is ideal for a safe and controlled guiding process of rotors, nacelles and single blades. However, it requires additional certificates and approvals from the crane manufacturer.”

Project Highlights

The Tagline designed by ENABL is a control system for safe lifting operation during the installation process of main wind turbine components. The system is mounted directly on the crane and is used for guiding and controlling the components during lifting operations. Smooth collaboration. ENABL visited the vessel to gain an overview of how to design the installation process.

After the visit we received a detailed report of what challenges might be encountered during the installation and what precautions should be taken by the Jan De Nul Group. Thanks to thorough preparation, we managed to get the tagline up and running in a time frame of only two days. Multi-use solution. As all of ENABL’s products, the Tagline System is focused on modular design, cost-efficiency and flexibility. The system was designed and certified in such way that the Jan De Nul Group could use it with various component types.

Kris Van Limbergen

“ENABL was very proactive and took care of all the necessary paperwork and certificates. It is very important to us that the supplier is thinking together with the client and trying to find the best solution for both parties.”


The Jan De Nul Group shapes both water and land. We enable the production of offshore energy and maintain the depth of waterways. We build new ports and create extra land. We realize complex infrastructure works and erect any type of building. We tackle pollution in whatever form. Thanks to the fruitful interaction within our company, we can offer overall solutions that combine one, several or even all these activities.