Optimized Installation Due to Data Collection

Siemens Wind Power

For the world’s no. 1 in offshore wind – Siemens Wind Power – the optimization of offshore installation and service operations is a constant area of focus. Together with the delivery of five lifting yokes from Eltronic for single blade installation of B75 blades, Siemens Wind Power therefore asked ENABL for a data collection tool that could help them optimize their offshore installation processes.

"Using the data collected by the Equipment Performance Recorder, we are now able to respond to operational challenges much faster and in a more focused way. We can see exactly how the equipment behaves during operation at sea, and in that way we are able to target our user training more effectively and improve our operational performance in general."

Henrik Hauge Jensen  |  Head of Material Management, Siemens Wind Power

As a solution, ENABL developed the Equipment Performance Recorder, which is a piece of software integrated in the control system of the lifting yoke, making available a variety of data. The software logs information such as wind speed and direction, tack forces, alarms and handling of alarms, operation time and duration, as well as operator details. Data can be sorted in different ways depending on user needs and requirements. And through charts and graphs displayed on tablet or PC, it is easy to gain an overview of the collected data.

Apart from targeted user training, predictive maintenance is another aspect that can really make a difference when operating offshore.

Furthermore, it can be combined with an app for mobile devices on request. Henrik Hauge Jensen is convinced that the software will be installed on other types of equipment operated by Siemens Wind Power, as well: “I definitely see a future for this tool. By collecting and analyzing relatively simple data, we are able to improve our operator training significantly and to reduce both the time and money spent on troubleshooting and maintenance.”

Henrik Hauge Jensen

The software provides us with information about worn or damaged parts on the yoke, which means we are able to perform predictive maintenance and replace or repair parts before they actually stop working. This is a huge advantage, as equipment downtime offshore is extremely expensive – both financially and timewise.


The Siemens Wind Power business is a force to be reckoned with. Active in the wind industry for 25 years, it has 5,600 employees (within an energy division employing 73,500), and 7,800 of its wind turbines have been installed worldwide.