Offshore Blade-Lifting Yoke for B75 Blades

Siemens Wind Power

In 2014, Siemens Wind Power introduced their new 6 MW wind turbine platform. The new turbine was special in many ways, but a distinctive feature was the blade which, with a length of 75 meters, was one of the largest blades ever to be installed offshore. For this purpose, ENABL  developed a unique solution that worked so well that Siemens Wind Power decided to place an order of not just 1 but 5 lifting yokes.

"Focus on safety in all aspects was naturally paramount to us in the selection process, but it was also important for us to find a supplier with a good amount of experience from the industry and preferably also with some knowledge of our company and the way we work. Having supplied other types of lifting yokes and installation equipment to Siemens Wind Power, ENABL had the experience and commitment to safety and quality that we were looking for."

Henrik Hauge Jensen  |  Head of Material Management, Siemens Wind Power

Henrik Hauge Jensen, Head of Material Management at Siemens Wind Power explains: “Our new 6 MW turbine is being installed further from shore than other offshore turbines, and as all operations performed offshore are extremely cost-intensive, we needed to find a supplier who would be able to develop a lifting yoke to be used for single blade installation in even more demanding environments and at higher wind speeds than before. At the same time, we had to make sure that the entire operation could be performed with a maximum level of safety for both operators and components. Last but not least, we needed to reduce our installation time. Finding a supplier able to meet all of these requirements was not entirely simple.”

The Solution

The solution presented to Siemens Wind Power was quite unique – a mechanical yet flexible construction with a length of 14 m, a height of 8 m and a weight of 78 tons. Henrik Hauge Jensen describes the yoke in this way: “In the wind turbine industry, Janett is groundbreaking. The fact that we are now able to perform offshore installation under demanding conditions while at the same time ensuring absolute safety for the operators and maintaining complete control of the blade is truly unique.”

Solution Highlights

  • Reduced installation time
  • Safety in all aspects
  • Full automatic sling fixation
  • No working at heights
  • Installation made possible at higher wind speeds
  • Yaw, tilt and pitch functions for blade adjustment
  • Intuitive control system


The Siemens Wind Power business is a force to be reckoned with. Active in the wind industry for 25 years, it has 5,600 employees (within an energy division employing 73,500), and 7,800 of its wind turbines have been installed worldwide.