ENABL Was Chosen Because of Good Quality, Good Prices and On-Time Delivery

Kosan Crisplant Group

Equipment needed to be developed for Egypt and Bolivia that would automate the welding process when a gas cylinder needed repair by replacing the bottom and handles.


  • Automation of the welding process for the repair of gas cylinders


  • 10 automated welding towers that can handle 60 gas cylinders per hour

"ENABL was selected because of good quality, the right price level, and because they were able to meet our expectations concerning delivery."

John Frederiksen  |  Manager, Kosan Crisplant Group

The Process

”Right from our first talks about the job – and their offer – to the final solution, the dialogue has been fantastic,” says Jens Sørensen, project manager at Kosan Crisplant, and continues: ”They moved swiftly from words to action. A well functioning prototype was submitted quickly, enhancing further dialogue. ENABL has shown a good understanding of the task and is technically skilled.”

The Solution

10 welding stations, each capable of handling 60 gas cylinders per hour. The total delivery including spare parts amounted to more than DKK 3,000,000 – and they will be established in Egypt and Bolivia. In these two countries, gas cylinders are a significant part of the energy supply, and it is therefore important that gas cylinders have a long lifetime.

The Cooperation

There has been a good working relationship between the companies. John Frederiksen on the cooperation: ”Good, solid, and with every delivery made on time. We only had a single problem: slips and labels were missing on some of the boxes.”

”ENABL is a solid supplier putting the customer first. That is why we would like to recommend ENABL to others,” John Frederiksen says.


The Kosan Crisplant Group is a project-oriented corporation that supplies plants for filling and maintenance of gas cylinders and offers after-sales service and facility management.

Since 1951, the group has supplied 2,400 plants in 120 countries all over the world.

The group has affiliates in Algeria, Brazil, Cameroon, France, India, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Sri Lanka, and the US, and is the world’s leading corporation in its field.

The Kosan Crisplant Group has approx. 300 employees and turnover of approx. EUR 52 million.