Previous Successful Projects Are the Background for New Investments

Titan Wind Energy Europe A/S

Titan wanted a Fit-up system to ensure optimum utilization of the production plant. It was also essential to ensure stable and safe control of each shell during the assembly process.


  • Fit-up system to utilize the production plant optimally
  • Stable and safe control of each shell during the assembly process


  • Full utilization of production plant
  • Fit-up systems with option for individual operation
  • Demands for bigger wind turbines are taken into account

"ENABL was chosen as our supplier based on previous successful projects."

Lars Christiansen  |  Head of Operations, Titan Wind Energy Europe

The Process

Lars Christiansen says: ”We have enjoyed good professional sparring with an open dialogue about offers, development, design and manufacturing. The running-in was quick and efficient.”

The Solution

The final option ensured a low construction height, thus making full use of the production plant. The fit-up system allows individual control of the two frames using separate hydraulic systems and offering remote control. ”ENABL made many suggestions, but we opted out on some of the ’fancy’ solutions. We have ended up with a good solution, needing only minor adjustments during daily operations,” says Lars Christiansen.

The Cooperation

”ENABL has taken a professional, honest and innovative approach to these tasks. In this case, the lead time was very short, yet they managed to deliver on time. I can definitely recommend ENABL as an open and competent partner.”

Titan Wind Energy Europe A/S

Titan Europe is a subsidiary of Titan Wind Energy in China and manufactures wind turbine towers primarily for the European market.

Founded in 2012, Titan Europe has a yearly capacity of around 350 towers, offering complete solutions including steel purchasing, quality control and mounting of internals.

Titan manufactures both on- and offshore turbine towers and is located close to the port of Esbjerg for easy shipping. In Varde, Titan currently employs around 160 people, of which 135 are directly involved in the production.