Extensive Technical Knowledge


Engebasa wanted to increase its capacity with another factory and production line. It was important that the solution be carried out by a supplier that was using Lincoln welding equipment.


  • New production line


  • Fully effective production line in new factory
  • High operational reliability

"We contacted ENABL, as they are widely recognized for delivering high-quality turnkey solutions."

Pedro Cuhna  |  Manager, Engebasa

The Process

Based on Engebasa demands for the new production line, we developed a project proposal focusing on quality and production safety.

Our proposal was well-received, so we went to Brazil to negotiate and finalize the agreement.

Pedro Cunha explains ”ENABL’s project material showed their extensive technical knowledge, and our dialogue in Brazil underlined their insight and experience.”

The Solution

The total order amounts to more than EUR 1.1 million.

”Our dialogue with ENABL means that we will be getting a production line that fulfills all our wishes. We are looking forward to the installation of the line in the autumn of 2013,” says Pedro Cunha.

The Cooperation

At ENABL we have experienced a very respectful partnership, and we are looking forward to delivering this efficient production line, focusing on quality and reliability.

”It is our hope and belief that this good cooperation will continue when the production line is installed in Brazil and beyond” Pedro says.

”ENABL is a competent partner that we can clearly recommend.”


Engebasa was founded in 1971 to provide support for industrial development, making manufacturing, maintenance and equipment repair services, for the mining, metallurgy, metalwork, chemical, and fertilizer industry.

In 2008, due to market competition, Engebasa embarked on a new undertaking, becoming the first company to make a specific layout for manufacturing wind towers in Brazil.

In order to install this new layout, Engebasa invested in a new plant, contracted specialized labor and acquired last generation equipment.

Built area: 25,200 m2

Engebasa has 260 technically specialized employees.