KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik A/S Achieves Increased Capacity with Fit-up System and Column & Boom

KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik

KN Beholderfabrik needed fit-up systems and a column and boom to optimize production and increase capacity. Both solutions needed to be tailored to their requirements.


  • Capacity was insufficient
  • Couldn’t keep up with the demand


  • Expectation of a 30% increase in capacity
  • Better production flow and system procedures
  • Optimized production planning, with less time on fit-up
  • Higher quality

Kenneth Nielsen
CEO, KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik

"We could see that the fit-up system could solve our challenges in step 1, so that was what triggered the decision. On top of that, we could get a customized column and boom meeting all our requirements, and that was the basis of step 2."

30% Increase in Capacity and Optimized Production Planning

ENABL has delivered three fit-up systems and a column and boom to KN Beholderfabrik’s new production line. The column and boom is modified to the company’s specific demands for maximum height, special boom and a traversing column and boom.

The solution means that KN Beholderfabrik achieves about 30% increased capacity, better system procedures, and optimized production planning thanks to less time spent on fit-up and easier welding processes.  Now the company can accommodate customer demands and requirements.

Kenneth Nielsen, CEO at KN Beholderfabrik, has used the online support that ENABL offers and says the error was fixed in less than 24 hours, getting them back in production quickly.

Good Dialogue with Competent Technicians

Throughout the whole process, there has been good communication between all parties.

“ENABL is technically very competent. You keep your promises. There has been a good dialogue, both regarding the sales phase and the installation, that worked really well. I could feel that you would come through on the entire project,” says Kenneth about the cooperation.

“I recommend ENABL because of their capabilities to produce customized equipment modified to our requirements, and because of the good personal relations and your technical know-how.”


”We had been looking for a supplier of a fit-up system for several months, and we chose ENABL because of their experience with equipment to the wind industry,” says Kenneth.

“ENABL was only one week late regarding the running-in. That was because everything had to be set and done. That is acceptable. We are very satisfied with the quality of the completed solution. This won’t be the last time we order equipment from ENABL,” Kenneth concludes.


KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik A/S is a family-owned company established in 1975.

Over the past three decades, the company’s primary business has been the production of oil tanks, stainless tanks and boilers, among others. In addition, they produce various special assignments and therefore can offer a solution for all types of liquids, from water to chemicals.

KN Beholderfabrik has continuously expanded its assortment and now offers its clients a wide selection of accessories and equipment within various oils and other liquids.