250 T Hybrid Rotators Give Muehlhan High Reliability

Muehlhan A/S

Muehlhan A/S wanted 8 sets of conventional hybrid rotators, that could handle items up to 250 tons. Durability and operational reliability were essential requirements.


  • Rotators that could handle up to 250 tons
  • Limited space for the solution


  • Eight sets of operationally reliable rotators
  • High durability and reliability

"ENABL was chosen as the supplier due to our experience from previous projects where they delivered high-quality products with great resilience."

Lasse Møller  |  Department Manager, Muehlhan A/S

The Process

Lasse Møller about the process: “Our dialogue during development was really good, and it was fantastic to get a review of their proposed solution using 3D models.”

The Solution

“Overall we were challenged by very limited space, making it necessary to optimize everything – and we succeeded. Start-up problems did occur because of errors and shortcomings in the first delivery. This is obviously not satisfactory, but ENABL has shown a strong willingness to correct the errors, and they are very competent. Since these things have been corrected, we have had some very reliable rotators that fully live up to our expectations”, says Lasse Møller.

The Cooperation

“Throughout the process, ENABL showed a will and ability to cooperate – also when errors were detected. So great credit to ENABL. All of their work has been solution-oriented, and all agreements have been met. If something unforeseen occurred, they immediately informed us. We can recommend ENABL as a supplier,” Lasse Møller concludes.


Muehlhan is a specialist within surface treatment of steel.

With a global network and extensive experience, Muelhan offers surface protection carried out in shipyard or mobile workshops – onshore or offshore.

Clients all over the world appreciate their experience, know-how, and technical competence. Characteristics that ensure the highest product quality and efficiency, with minimal environmental impact, regardless of the task they are assigned.

Muehlhan has branches in many countries worldwide. In Europe, they have activities in 15 countries. In Asia, they operate in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore.

They are also represented in the United States and Canada.