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Rotators for Surface Treatment

We develop and manufacture rotators for surface treatment of onshore/offshore wind turbine towers, tanks and pipes.

High uptime, easy maintenance and long service life on the rotators are  buzzwords for us. This way we ensure an optimized production.

  • Do you have challenges with unstable rotation in the painting process?
  • Are you looking for rotators for surface treatment to ensure high uptime, optimized maintenance and high quality in the painting process?

We will find the right customized solution for you.

Why Choose an ENABL Rotator?

High uptime

You achieve high uptime because the construction is strong, simple and detailed.

Long service life

Solid and reliable, with long service life.

High blast and paint quality

The rotators have Direct Drive to achieve the most stable rotation and achieve high blast and paint quality. This means fewer repairs and service calls.

High durability, no maintenance

The T-BAR system is a simple and easy adjustment option when you change the can diameter. Adjustment is made without any tools. This means high durability and no maintenance.

Types of Rotators for Surface Treatment

Conventional Rotators

Conventional means that the wheel console for rotation has a single set of wheels, i.e., a total of 4 wheel consoles on 1 set of rotators.

The wheels vary in diameter, size, and design, depending on the load the rotators are dimensioned for.


SAR Rotators

SAR means Self Aligning Rotators

Each wheel console for rotation is a cradle design with 2 sets of wheels. The cradle adjusts automatically to the diameter, as the cradle is hinged. Overall, there are 4 cradles with a total of 8 sets of wheels sharing the load.

The construction means greater flexibility, less load on the tower section and thereby less risk of dents in the tower sections.

The wheels vary in diameter, size and design, depending on the load to which the rotators are dimensioned.


Traversing Conventional Rotators

A traversing conventional rotator runs on wheels running on rails.

The travers is either driven by a gear motor or undriven.


Traversing SAR Rotators (T/SAR)


A traversing T/SAR rotator runs on wheels running on rails.

The travers is either driven by a gear motor or undriven.


Hybrid Rotators

ENABL has developed a hybrid solution in order to simplify the working process in surface treatment of onshore and offshore tower production.

Hybrid Rotators means the required number of rotators is reduced by half.

Benefits of Hybrid Rotators: 

  • The number of heavy lifts is reduced.
  • The hybrid solution also means cost reductions comparable to buying 2 sets of rotators.
  • Significant savings on operating costs are achieved when the hybrid solution is used throughout the production process.
  • The section is placed on pur wheels or paint rings. We customize to your needs.
  • The hybrid rotators are ATEX/Ex-approved.


 Paint Ring Rotators

The solution is customized.

We design and manufacture paint ring rotators according to your specifications and demands, from a simple solution to an advanced hydraulic solution.

The paint ring rotators are ATEX/Ex-approved.


Technical Specifications

Working Load Limit

Rotators with Working Load Limit (WLL) at  2T, 25 T, 35 T, 50 T, 80 T, 100 T, 120 T, 150 T, 250 T, 350 T or precisely the WLL you define. We develop customized rotators for the WLL you define.


Diameter at the can from Ø30 mm to infinite. We develop solutions for the diameter you specify.

Solid and reliable with long service time

Fewer repairs and service calls

Simple and easy adjustment

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