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Retrofit Solutions

Retrofit solutions are ideal when you want a technological upgrade of your existing production equipment.

Retrofit solutions lower maintenance costs and increase quality in the welding process.

  • Are maintenance costs rising?
  • Does your production equipment need a technological upgrade?

With a retrofit solution, we provide a technological upgrade to your production equipment. The solution can be an ideal solution to your challenges.

Retrofit Solutions

Upgrade with Direct Drive

Upgrade rotators with Direct Drive to achieve stable rotation and a stable welding process. At the same time, the solution cuts the cost of regular maintenance.

Replacement of PUR wheels at fit-up

Replace worn/burned PUR wheels to improve rotation stability.

Upgrade of controls

Upgrade the controls to meet present norms and to ensure higher uptime.

Why Choose Retrofit Solutions?

  • You achieve savings with no investment in new equipment.
  • You can adapt the production to meet new customer requirements.
  • You achieve a technological boost to the production equipment.
  • You can reduce maintenance costs with retrofit solutions.
  • Retrofit solutions optimize existing production equipment.
  • You get better welding quality and fewer welding errors thanks to a more stable rotation and thus a stable welding process.
  • Retrofit is also an environmentally friendly solution.

Savings on regular maintenance 

Improved rotation stability

Higher uptime

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We solve your challenges and ensure you high output and high quality, by virtue of knowledge and close cooperation with you as customer.

We develop and manufacture innovative and automated customized solutions for the production of offshore/onshore towers, monopiles, pipes and tanks, so you can match your customers’ requirements.

The benefits of our solutions supports your production in being cost-effective, scalable and future-proof.

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Torben Blaaholm

Torben Blaaholm, Sales Director of Tower & Monopile, has worked with engineered solutions to the wind industry since 2000.

Innovative solutions, sublime project management, honest communication and high quality are Torben’s key issues, which he strives hard to transform around the company.

Torben is also a mechanical engineer – a passionate one, who is hardworking to develop solutions that solve our customers’ precise technical challenges.

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