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One on One

Achieve full output from the column & booms in the production of onshore/offshore wind towers, monopiles, tanks and pipes.

The One on One solution is ideal at start-up and increases capacity.

  • Are you looking for solutions to optimize processes in the welding line?
  • Are you a production manager chasing full output from the column & booms?

The One on One solution can be the solution for the optimization you are looking for.

One on One

One on One is a tacking welding station where 2 cans are tacked together. One on One means

  • An ideal solution at start-up.
  • Especially suitable for thin wall applications. 
  • Arc time increases.
  • Capacity and the output of column & booms increase.

Technical Specifications

  • The One on One solution is customized for all thicknesses and diameters.
  • To accommodate a large diameter at tower production, we offer a Low Build One on One solution.
  • Low Build One on One means easier access to the section.

Increased arc time

Customized for all thicknessed and diameters

Easy access to the section

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We solve your challenges and ensure you high output and high quality, by virtue of knowledge and close cooperation with you as customer.

We develop and manufacture innovative and automated customized solutions for the production of offshore/onshore towers, monopiles, pipes and tanks, so you can match your customers’ requirements.

The benefits of our solutions supports your production in being cost-effective, scalable and future-proof.

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