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Multi-Seam Welding Station

An automated and optimized Multi-Seam Welding Station for the SAW welding process.

A Multi-Seam Welding Station means high productivity, high uptime and high utility rate in the production of onshore/offshore towers, monopiles, pipes and tanks.

An innovative state-of-the-art automated solution with up to 4 welding heads in one station.

Since 2000, we have developed customized solutions for customers in the wind industry.

Our innovative approach and close cooperation with customers always opens up for new optimizations in the welding process.

  • Looking for a higher level of automation in the welding process?
  • Have only one operator to operate up to 4 welding heads?

The solution is a Multi-Seam Welding Station with 2, 3 or 4 welding heads.

We Optimize and Automate the Welding Processes to a Higher Level

State-of-the-art Multi-Seam Welding Station

ENABL's Multi-Seam Welding Station is innovative and unique worldwide, with up to 4 welding heads in the solution.

High productivity performance

You can produce significantly more products per day – that is our overall goal.

Only one operator

Only one operator operates and monitors the Multi-Seam Welding Station with up to 4 welding heads.

Optimized daily operations

Your daily operations are optimized. You achieve cost-savings because you do not have to operate up to 4 column & booms with an operator on each.

Increased welding quality

ENABL's unique APEX system increases welding quality and automates the welding process to a unique level.

Customized solution

The Multi-Seam Welding Station is manufactured to your specifications and customized to your existing production equipment.

Online support at the Multi-Seam Welding Station means high uptime

Our engineers have quick online access to the controls.

We effectively carry out online troubleshooting and error reporting.

We change or adapt the control system exactly to your needs and wishes.

Technical Specifications

  • 2-Headed Multi-Seam Welding Station (MS2H)
  • 3-Headed Multi-Seam Welding Station (MS3H)
  • 4-Headed Multi-Seam Welding Station (MS4H)
  • Lincoln Electric Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD for SAW process
  • ENABL PLC-controlled welding process
  • ENABL1000 kg Liner system (link)
  • ENABL 1000 kg Bigbag system (link)

Only one operator

High productivity performance

Online support ensures high uptime 

24/7 Remote Support

We have specialists to support you 24/7 – Wherever Wind Is.

If the issue cannot be solved over the phone, our technicians can assist you by Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

With a RealWear headset, your operator can share what he sees with ENABL’s specialists. We will quickly get an overview of the equipment and the challenges the operator has.

Therefore, we will be able to effectively guide and support you – wherever you are.

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We solve your challenges and ensure you high output and high quality, by virtue of knowledge and close cooperation with you as customer.

We develop and manufacture innovative and automated customized solutions for the production of offshore/onshore towers, monopiles, pipes and tanks, so you can match your customers’ requirements.

The benefits of our solutions supports your production in being cost-effective, scalable and future-proof.

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