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Meet Project Manager Veronika Matasova

In 2021, Veronika Matasova took on a position as Project Manager in ENABL’s Equipment division. Here, she oversees projects mainly centered around rotators and welding equipment for tower and monopile production.

“I joined ENABL because I was interested in the technical field. To succeed in a position like mine, you need to be willing to dive into the technical environment and to be curious and dedicated to learning about it. Your technical understanding is essential for you to be able to act proactively. As Project Manager, you must be equipped to identify things that might go wrong and be able to prevent them from doing so,” Veronika says.

Complete project overview

In her position as Project Manager, Veronika keeps a full overview of the projects she is assigned. In the initial phase of a project, she meets with the customer to discuss the type of Equipment the customer needs, identify the customer criteria, and define the actual project scope.

“When I embark on a new project, I need to understand the project scope deeply enough to be able to set a team with the right competencies. My role requires a lot of planning and regular meetings with both the team and our customer. It also requires documentation throughout the project and adherence to the project budget. I’m ultimately responsible for a lot of important details. So, this role requires a quite structured person and someone who can work under and ultimately eliminate pressure,” Veronika explains.

Veronika is driven by an urge to provide good service to ENABL’s customers and by a continuous thirst for challenges.

“I’m not scared of complex projects. I love challenges, and I love taking on projects which I don’t immediately know how to go about. It’s a motivating factor to me to be able to nerd out projects and gain the overview I need to secure project progress. As Project Manager, I’m the primary contact person for all project stakeholders, and I love to be able to answer questions about everything from finances to resource management,” Veronika says.

Important Project Manager competencies

To Veronika, quality is a key concern. Her work requires a lot of strategical thinking and solution-oriented planning – all of which are aimed at delivering high-quality projects.

“What you deliver is how you represent ENABL, so it’s really important to me to stay on top of the entire project so that I can ensure the highest possible quality throughout,” Veronika says.

According to Veronika, this mindset is important for someone in her position. However, she also emphasizes that humbleness as well as good people and communication skills are critical to ensure a successful project.

“In a position like mine, you need to be able to communicate well and to be fair towards your team. Everyone working on a project has different qualities, and all of them are important for us to succeed. You need to work according to this mentality and implement it in the team too. This means that you need to stick to your own role and delegate responsibility for different tasks to the ones who are skilled at solving them. You have to distribute your time wisely and be able to ask for help from your team members,” Veronika concludes.

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