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Meet Project Manager Anders Schwartz Kjeldsgaard

Anders is a Project Manager at ENABL. He is employed in ENABL’s Consulting PMO department, which means that he is hired by ENABL’s wind industry customers to fulfill temporary Project Manager positions. Anders joined the company in 2016 and has, since then, taken on multiple projects with one of ENABL’s trusted customers.

“As a consultant within project management, you get the opportunity to work on many different projects. I have been hired by the same customer for several years. I prefer to do long-term projects to be able to follow tasks through to the end of a project. Shorter projects for various customers are of course also a possibility. It allows for a more varied and dynamic career as Project Manager,” Anders says.

The Project Manager position

In the role as Project Manager, Anders manages development projects, keeps project teams on track, and oversees general project progress.

“As a Project Manager, I’ve been responsible for developing and implementing installation equipment and processes within the wind industry. I’ve also worked with service equipment for wind turbines. My tasks usually differ in terms of stakeholder management. Sometimes I simply need to manage the team I am assigned. Other times, I need to coordinate with senior management as part of managing stakeholders or the project steering committee,” Anders says.

Anders has a master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Accordingly, he does not have a technical background – and this is not a prerequisite for becoming a Project Manager. Anders has had an interest in pursuing project management as his career path and has accordingly taken several project management courses, for instance Prince2 Foundation and Prince2 Practitioner, which have equipped him to pursue his interest.

“The projects I manage vary in terms of their nature, scope, complexity, and strategical significance. No projects are the same, and that helps me to develop as a Project Manager,” Anders explains.

Adaptability is key

With the role as Project Manager, Anders is a key resource to the customer whom he is hired to work for. Therefore, he needs to be present at the customer’s premises.

“As a Project Manager consultant, you’re hired to use your knowledge and experience to complete projects for the customer. To do that, you need to be able to adapt to the customer’s organization, culture and project methodology and processes. Even though you are employed in ENABL, the employees of the customer become your close colleagues because you spend the majority of your time at the customer’s office,” Anders says.

To keep in touch with his ENABL colleagues, Anders makes sure to spend one day a week at the ENABL office. He also has regular one-on-one meetings with his manager.

“ENABL doesn’t just let go of its consultants once we’re hired by a customer. It is important for me and other consultants to feel like we’re part of a team within ENABL despite the fact that we’re actually hired to work for other organizations. ENABL therefore plays an important role in maintaining the sense of belonging for Project Managers who are outsourced as consultants to various wind industry customers,” Anders concludes.

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