ENABL delivers a specialized transfer rotator system for Aker Solutions’ jacket production

Aker Solutions has granted ENABL the contract for the development, manufacturing, and installation of several sets of specialized transfer rotator systems for jacket production.

The transfer rotator system is a key component in all production processes in the brand new and state of the art production facility.

ENABL meets Aker Solutions’ requirements by offering a solution for internal transportation that does not require the use of cranes, as well the units are able to be used in all production processes from Cutting and welding to Blasting and painting.

The transfer rotator system will be in operation at Aker Solutions’  production yard in Verdal, Norway. The yard specializes in steel substructures and jackets for offshore developments. Aker Solutions is taking the manufacturing of jackets to the next level by developing fully automized production processes.

 Specialized transfer rotator system to support all manufacturing processes     

Thomas Thyssen, ENABL’s Sales Director, is pleased with the contract with Aker Solutions, and he is excited to bring ENABL’s tower and monopile production know-how and experience into jacket production.

“Aker Solutions will benefit from our engineering know-how and our innovative approach. The transfer rotator system which we develop for Aker Solutions is customized for jacket production and will be usable in all manufacturing processes, from loading to cutting and welding to blasting, painting, and storage, “ Thomas Thyssen explains.

The rotators can be used in both manual and fully automated processes.

“We have had a close dialogue with Aker Solutions about their requirements, and we can provide the interface to the fully automatized processes within a high safety standard. We understand and are fully aware of the complexity in ensuring high productivity, similar to the requirements within tower and monopile production. I anticipate that we will have a long-term partnership with Aker Solutions, expecting to develop more customized solutions for them in the future,” Thomas says.

Thomas Thyssen Sales Manager ENABL

Thomas Thyssen, Sales Director, ENABL

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