OneENABL in Action: Seamless Collaboration Across Borders and Functions Delivers Exceptional Results

Author: Malene Frits Bou Zeid

In the realm of project management, success often depends on the ability to navigate challenges, leverage resources effectively, and maintain a cohesive team dynamic. ENABL’s recent customer project exemplified these elements, culminating in a triumph of teamwork, high-quality end products, and timely delivery. This success story not only benefits ENABL and our esteemed customers but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of the OneENABL philosophy we live by at ENABL.


The OneENABL concept drives seamless global collaboration 

At ENABL, we take pride in practicing our OneENABL philosophy, fostering a unified culture with standardized practices and working together across cultures, borders, and functions. We encourage everyone to bring their insights to the table as we believe that sharing knowledge makes everyone smarter and improves our outcomes.

ENABL’s latest customer project demonstrated the power of collaboration between our global offices, especially ENABL India, as well as external resources. ENABL leveraged its long-term subcontractor partners to successfully meet the customer’s timeline. Over the years, these partners have consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver within ENABL’s global supply chain. As a result, they’ve played a pivotal role in upholding the OneENABL philosophy, ensuring professionalism and quality in every aspect of the customer’s project.


Restructuring traditional project roles to optimize resources and cut costs

A close up of the rotators

A key strategy employed in this project was the restructuring of traditional project roles. By combining the roles of project manager and tech lead into one, managed by Søren Ernstsen Bach, Lead Engineer at ENABL, ENABL optimized staff resources and work hours, and reduced costs. ‘‘Given my previous experience in tower production equipment, I was able to take on both roles of project manager and tech lead, as this task was very straightforward without the need to reinvent the wheel. I leveraged my broad experience and replicated a procedure we’ve used before’’, says Søren Ernstsen Bach.


Dual role, dual success

Søren’s dual role as project manager and tech lead showcased the potential for enhanced efficiency in project management, allowing ENABL to deliver the project on time to the customer’s complete satisfaction. This dual role approach also streamlined communication and decision-making, ultimately contributing to the project’s success. ‘‘Taking on this dual role has definitely contributed to my professional development. Although a combined role is not suitable for all projects, particularly those that are too large, in this case, having someone like me with technical know-how in charge worked out very well. Since the project was more of a replication and didn’t require developing everything from scratch, it was certainly feasible to manage the project using a dual role approach’’, says Søren.



A penny saved is a penny earned

The project was characterized by ENABL’s collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced efficiency. ‘‘Our long-term subcontractors and suppliers were highly skilled in performing these types of tasks and required very little instructions from us on how to design the rotators, allowing the production process to proceed smoothly and efficiently. This saved us a lot of time and hassle’’, says Søren.

In addition, ENABL’s purchasing department negotiated favorable prices with subcontractors. By doing so, ENABL was able to pass on cost savings to the customer.



Proudest moments and future directions

At ENABL, we aim for strong relations to foster a good environment for collaboration with our long-term customers and partners. According to Thomas Thyssen, Sales Director at ENABL, one of the proudest moments of this project was the successful delivery to the customer, meeting all contractual obligations while adhering to stringent timelines. ‘‘We are proud of the trust placed in us by our long-term customer for this massive project. We successfully delivered all 20 sets of rotators within a tight timeline, enabling our customer to continue their state-of-the-art production setup’’.

Through collaboration and a commitment to excellence, ENABL has forged a path towards success, setting the stage for future triumphs in project management. Looking ahead, ENABL will continue to work as OneENABL by applying collective experiences to projects, believing that success is not merely the culmination of individual efforts but the collective synergy of a dedicated team.


A selection of the project’s rotators