Meet our employees: Henrik B. Jepsen, Denmark

Henrik B. Jepsen thought 20 years ago that his future career was as a sergeant in the Danish army. But one day he left the army and got the opportunity to become a blacksmith. This led him to Blaaholm; first as a trainee, then as a permanent employee and he trained for Production Technologist. Later, Eltronic Group took over a part of Blaaholm and in 2021 the company became part of ENABL. Today he is working as a Product Manager in R&D at ENABL.

“I have experienced a lot of development thoughout my years at Blaaholm and ENABL . I was Team Lead and had my own little department in Tower & Monopile. I worked mainly with equipment for wind turbine towers but also equipment for monopiles and robotic projects. At ENABL I am working with production development for towers and monopiles,” tells Henrik.

Growth in projects and sizes

The Tower & Monopile department of ENABL is handling very large projects and Henrik has experienced growth in projects and in the sizes of towers and monopiles during the recent years.

“As ENABL we can come out more widely with major projects because we are a large organization with more than 600 employees around the world. Since I started in Blaaholm the sizes of the equipment has grown significantly. Wind turbine towers are now getting close to 10 meters and monopiles are reaching 13 meter in diameter, were it was 4-5 meter in diameter when I started,” explains Production Technologist Henrik B. Jepsen.

Global colleagues are a plus

He is working in ENABL’s Varde office but his colleagues are scattered all over the world – in Hedensted, Aarhus, Bulgaria, India, and Taiwan.

”I think it is great with global colleagues. It is also an advantage for our clients because we can support them much better. We have recently delivered roller beds to a company in Taiwan. We had some technical challenges and we solved it by connecting to our General Manager in Taiwan who connected to an employee on site using AR glasses. And the problem was solved.”

Henrik B. Jepsen has been working a lot with equipment for a client and some weeks ago he was asked if he could join the company for three days to get a better understanding of how the company uses the equipment.

“It is a good opportunity to optimize the next generation of equipment. During the three days I heard about their challenges when using the equipment and small changes can optimize and make the equipment work better for the client,” tells Henrik.

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