Historic agreement about a six-fold increase of offshore wind capacity in Denmark

According to the new political agreement reached in the Danish Parliament this week, Denmark’s offshore wind capacity needs to be expanded. The agreement means that 14 million European households will come to be powered by offshore wind.

Currently, the capacity of offshore wind in Denmark is 2.3 GW, a total achieved over 32 years.

This political agreement extends up to 9 GW, and potentially up to 14 GW, in the Danish offshore sector  – in fact, a significant six-fold increased GW capacity through tenders in the coming seven years. Also, the wind farms are allowed to set up the highest capacity on the offshore sites, and the majority of the wind farms need to be operational by the end of 2030.

The agreement promises to generate significant volumes of affordable green energy, signaling a historic new era of green opportunities for Denmark.

One part of the agreement involves the tendering of 6 GW in the North Sea and Kattegat. The other part specifies 3 GW related to Energy Island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

Søren Kvorning, CEO of ENABL, applauds the agreement on offshore wind energy.

“We are pleased that Denmark is showing strong leadership with this historic offshore wind agreement. It’s a massive endorsement for us to continue to develop our engineering solutions to become the partner of choice, enabling the green transition,” Søren Kvorning says.

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Søren Kvorning, CEO ENABL