Knowledge transfer from Denmark to Taiwan – Bryan and Taco are on a mission

In October, Bryan and Taco from ENABL Taiwan arrived at our headquarters in Hedensted and were staying there for a short period of time. We sometimes saw them working with rotators and sometimes taking lectures, but what were their goals in Denmark?

Experienced Mechanical and Electrical Supervisors from Taiwan

Bryan is an Electrical Supervisor, and Taco is a Mechanical Supervisor. They have both worked at ENABL Taiwan for one year and three months and have delivered very satisfying work.

During their work in Taiwan, they contributed to installing the Final Nacelle Test equipment for a customer. The nacelle test equipment was produced in Denmark and assembled in Taiwan, and it was the first equipment of its kind in the world by that time.

“We were so proud when we finally finished the installation because we did it all on our own in Taiwan. It was also a huge recognition for ENABL Taiwan,” Taco says.

Gaining significant knowledge to bring back to Taiwan

Bryan and Taco were in Denmark for three weeks. They worked on rotators for an Asian customer, which are planned to be commissioned in 2023. With their help, the rotators were assembled at a fast pace and already. But what was also significant was that Taco and Bryan received training in regard to:Bryan and Taco Taiwan

  • Assembling and applying the Tagline Master System
  • System updates and several adjustments to the Semi-Automatic Sander

With these hands-on experiences from Denmark, Taco and Bryan can easily use and transfer what they have learned to ENABL Taiwan and give satisfying and comprehensive service to our customers.

A completely different experience in their lives

“This is the first time we’ve been to Denmark. Everything for us was brand new and challenging, but all my colleagues in Denmark were so helpful and patient. They arranged tasks and courses for us, and we cooperated so well. Personally, I think I have also improved my English because of this chance. The cheerful and positive atmosphere in the Danish workshop really encouraged me to be open and speak English,” Bryan says.

“We also want to say thank you to our manager, Louis, in Taiwan. If he didn’t provide us with this chance to work and learn in Denmark, we wouldn’t have seen the cultural differences between Denmark and Taiwan. Danish people have a good life-work balance, they are used to having cold meals, and they put their strollers outside of stores and let their babies sleep by themselves. It is for sure interesting for us to experience all of this, and I would love to visit Denmark again,” Taco says.

It is delightful for us to see that they have had a meaningful and joyful trip to Denmark, and we are thankful for their general help in the workshop. We can’t wait to see their excellent performance in Taiwan in the future, and what’s more, we hope to get the chance to work with them again in Denmark!


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