ENABL United Kingdom is expanding the business

The UK ENABL location in Hull has recently added Engineering Services to the business. Since its establishment in 2017, the UK ENABL location has provided service solutions for clients in the wind industry in the UK.

Back in 2017, a supervisor from Denmark traveled to Hull and established the office and workshop facilities including hiring service technicians.

Edward SwiftEdward Swift, UK Managing Director, is happy about expanding the business.

“It is exciting for us to add Engineering Services to our business in the UK and also expand our service solutions for our clients. We experience a certain need to be present locally,” says Edward Swift.





Important to be present at the client’s location

Engineering Services are added to the UK business since the ENABL merger in 2021. A complex assignment including reverse engineering is just agreed with a client in the United Kingdom.

To succeed in this assignment our UK employees need to be present at the client’s location to collect data while our Engineering Services in Denmark provide the project management and technical leads. Global Engineering provides the execution to deliver a full documentation package of the equipment.

Hull is the place to be – it is the UK’s leader in renewable energy. Four in five North Sea wind zones are within 12 hours of sailing time from Hull, with nearby Hornsea as the largest wind farm zone in the world.

ENABL Supervisor

Almost five years have passed since the establishment in 2017. ENABL have grown, and 10 supervisors and service technicians are providing worldwide service solutions such as:

  • Onshore and offshore tagline training and tagline operators
  • Testing of equipment
  • Service and repair on equipment
  • Mobilization and demobilization
  • Calibration of tooling
  • Manufacturing of components and equipment
  • Online support
  • Electrical PAT and insulation testing
  • SAS engineers and technicians including training
  • Testing and certification of lifting equipment
  • Engineering services

Our staff in Hull are also very flexible. The supervisors or service technicians can provide online support 24/7 and they are traveling if they are needed abroad, onshore or offshore.

ENABL Tagline training