ENABL operators power the Greater Chanhua Wind Farm, Taiwan: A win-win partnership

Daniel Goodings ENABL operatorENABL’s dedicated team of supervisors and operators is working around the clock to support the installation of offshore wind turbines at Taiwan’s impressive Greater Chanhua 1 and 2a Offshore Wind Farm. Situated 35-60 kilometers off the coast of Changhua County, this 900 MW wind farm is nearing completion, with over 100 turbines already installed. It stands as Taiwan’s offshore wind project with the highest number of turbines and the largest grid-connected capacity.

ENABL’s proficient operators are in charge of operating the Tagline Master System and assisting with the Janett Lifting Yoke operations. The demand for skilled operators is skyrocketing worldwide. To meet market demands and satisfy our customers’ needs, we have forged an agreement to provide Tagline Master System training for another eight operators.

This training initiative is actively underway at the Greater Chanhua 1 and 2a Offshore Wind Farm. Carsten Mortensen, Operation Manager at ENABL, shares insights into the project:

“In Taiwan, our supervisors and operators from Denmark, United Kingdom, and Hungary have joined forces to provide around-the-clock coverage in shifts. It’s fantastic to collaborate closely with our customers and establish agreements for offshore training for our own staff. Rapid action is necessary to meet the growing demand for operators in the market.”

Upon project completion next month, we will add another eight skilled operators to the market. It’s a true win-win partnership.

Greater Chanhua Wind Farm