Danish specialist in tower factories establishes new business area

ENABL, which delivers turnkey tower factories to the wind power industry, adds a new business area to its portfolio. The goal is to accommodate increased requirements from world-leading wind turbine manufacturers.  

ENABL, which offers consultancy services, service solutions, and turnkey production solutions to the wind power industry, has since 2005 worked closely with the world’s leading wind turbine tower manufacturers about the development of innovative automatic production equipment. Now the company expands with a new business area in a natural extension of their portfolio. ENABL now also delivers production facilities for monopiles to accommodate the increasing demand from the wind power industry globally.

Torben Blaaholm Sales Director Tower & Monopile

“The Demand for offshore wind turbines is major in the coming years, and in the future the wind turbines will only increase in size. Here we will see towers and monopiles that are considerably bigger than today. The next generation of monopiles will weigh several thousand tons and will require enormous production facilities that are both flexible and modular,” says Torben Blaaholm, Sales Director of Tower & Monopile at ENABL. He elaborates:

“We feel clearly that the monopile-manufacturers request our extensive knowledge regarding equipment used in tower production. That is why we are now making a strategic commitment to establish a whole new business unit. Emphasis will be on factory layout, capacity, capability, and processes. Consultations prior to the establishment of a new factory often begin very early, before the factories are established, and that way we can optimize the factories.”

 “We are dealing with huge production facilities that only few suppliers in the world can deliver. At ENABL we operate globally and have a lot of competent employees, and we feel that we are well-prepared to manage these projects.”

Welding in focus

According to Torben Blaaholm, especially the welding-processes are central in both tower- and monopile-production.

“The welding-processes and the equipment connected to them have become more and more automated over time. For the past 17 years, we have tested and developed solutions in cooperation with the world’s leading tower manufacturers. The know-how we have acquired here benefits us today and it forms the foundation for our new business unit. At the same time, we at ENABL can deliver globally and offer service to ensure the customer’s high operational reliability,” says Torben Blaaholm.

Competencies on point

ENABL has great expectations regarding the new business area, and they feel especially confident, when it comes to their competencies.

 “Based on our foundation and experience from tower manufacturing, our aim is to expand our position on the global market for production equipment to the wind power industry. To achieve this goal, it is crucial that we have the right specialist competencies. It puts our mind to ease to ascertain that we have a lot of skilled employees. At the same time, we have successfully attracted many new and competent colleagues this year.”

Since the turn of the new year, ENABL has expanded its workforce considerably in the business unit called Tower & Monopile.