Meet Aparna Gopi, FEA Analyst, ENABL India

Aeronautical Engineer Aparna Gopi is an expert FEA Analyst. A specialist in critical components, Aparna has 8+ years of experience in renewable energies, aero turbines, and automotive components, including wind turbine gear boxes and composite leaf springs.

With her great repository of knowledge, she is an expert on Ansys workbench, Ansys APDL, Femfat, and NX Nastran and is well versed in product life cycle management (Team Centre).

To give an insight into her work at ENABL, Aparna has answered a few questions.

What does a typical workday look like to you?Aparna, FEA Analyst, ENABL India

A typical day for an FEA Analyst is preplanned, and we go by a calendar of tasks, prioritized accordingly, including clearing backlogs.

I routinely interact with project stakeholders, and this includes online discussions with global participants. Certification is centric to renewable energy projects, and FEA has a very important role in steering projects.

What do you like about working at ENABL?

The tools and resources at our disposal make my job a lot easier and more efficient. We know that when we work on a client’s requirement, we receive all the necessary technical support. This enables us to do a good job.

The client list is also something that lifts me. We work with some of the best wind industry companies, which broadens my horizon. People often imagine the lives of FEA Analysts to be boring. Contrastingly, our workplace and our teams are exciting and lively. This keeps our minds fresh and charged to focus on our work.

What is the overall purpose of your role as a consultant?

My role is to use advanced simulation tools to predict possible fault lines and weaknesses during the operation of components and to solve complex equations to fix the flaws.

What do you think is the best part of your abilities?

I am methodical, and I double-check, apart from following checklists to a dot.

Is there a fun factor to working at ENABL?

Our teams are vibrant, and we don’t need a separate occasion or day to have fun. Every day is interesting, and the workplace atmosphere is conducive to enjoyable workdays.