10-year jubilee Thomas Thyssen started his career when towers had a diameter of 5 m

“In 2013, a tower diameter of 5 m was huge, and we could not imagine towers getting any bigger. Today, we supply equipment for towers up to 12 m and monopiles up to 15 m. It says a bit about the fast development in the industry,” Thomas Thyssen says and smiles.

Thomas is a 10-year jubilee on June 24. He is ENABL’s Sales Manager in the Tower & Monopile division.

 The manufacturers demand higher performance and capacity

“I love the fast-growing wind industry and the speed with which the development advances. The leading manufacturers constantly demand higher performance, higher capacity, and more automated processes to reduce costs. To answer these demands, we need to be extremely innovative. It is an ongoing development of customized equipment for increased tower and monopile diameters,” Thomas says.

Thomas Thyssen, Sales Manager, ENABL

Thomas’ career started in Blaaholm before the merger into ENABL in 2021. Actually, he joined the company as an intern, then became a student worker, and finally Project Manager. He worked with 2D/3D design and construction as an Engineer in tower production before he entered into sales, so he has in-depth mechanical knowledge of our equipment.

For the last 10 years, Thomas has worked passionately and been dedicated to the corporation with tower and monopile manufacturers worldwide. He accordingly knows the exact challenges and demands in the business.

“For me, the main driver is the complexity and the larger scale of turn-key projects. We meet the demands of the customers with our industry know-how and consultancy services, through which we generate innovative ideas. In cooperation with internal specialists and external partners, we mature projects to comply with customer specifications, timelines, and budgets. Together with our customers, we target higher performance and capacity. When we succeed, it is an exceptional experience to finally see the equipment in operation at the customer site,” Thomas says.

Customers and partners have the highest respect for Thomas

Thomas Thyssen cooperates with Henrik Kjærgaard, VP Tender, and we asked him about their cooperation.

“In ENABL, we are both honored and proud to have Thomas as a part of our Tower & Monopile team. Thomas is dedicated and hard-working, for which reason he easily earns the respect that he deserves from his colleagues. Externally, I have often experienced that customers and partners have the highest respect for his knowledge and personality. When we clarify the production layout, the manufacturing processes, or equipment requirements for new production lines in Tower & Monopile, he adds outstanding value to the process,” Henrik Kjærgaard says.

Global footprint

Thomas is also hard-working in terms of establishing strategic partnerships. Lately, he has been occupied with the Big 5 partnership with Linsinger, Haeusler, Miba Group, and Uhrhan-Schwill Schweisstechnik for providing turn-key solutions to increase productivity for the industry.

A global footprint is also important to Thomas, and he is dedicated to cooperating with ENABL’s locations and local partners on maturing projects to supply our customers worldwide. Also, he enjoys traveling the world to be close to the customers.

We wish Thomas a big congratulations on his 10-year anniversary.