ENABL showed Siddhanth how to chase excellence

Meet Siddhanth, an Automotive Engineer who had a brief stint at a hydraulic cylinder company before joining ENABL in July 2022. Siddhanth finished his studies in 2021 and joined ENABL as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in mechanical design.

​​​​​​​The Journey to ENABL 

During his studies, Siddhanth followed trending topics very closely, including renewables, and realised that the domain presented opportunities to keep his passion ENABL employee Siddhanthfor automotive alive while continuing to work on exciting end-use innovations. Passionate about climate change, he found an opportunity to be right in the middle of the action.

​​​​​​​In his words, the first day at ENABL was refreshingly warm, and the atmosphere has remained that way all along. Siddhanth quickly joined others in extending the same warm welcome that he received.  The cross-training at ENABL gave him a close view of processes in other sections and the massive engineering effort behind wind turbines. On conclusion of his training, he was assigned a sample project to understand New Product Development processes.

Training in tool sets

Siddhanth has acquired advanced knowledge of SolidWorks and is now proficient in Autodesk Inventor and Siemens UG NX. Additional competencies have turned him into a well-rounded asset with training in risk assessment, basic FEA, functionality studies, and design verification plans, among other protocols.  He has now set his sights on picking up ANSYS.

Culture at ENABL 

The culture at ENABL has made Siddhanth comfortable. In his words “an artisan can do his or her work best in an atmosphere that allows one to focus. Similarly, at ENABL, we work in an environment that brings out the best in each of us”. Knowledge sharing at ENABL has been a highlight, in building a friendly workplace. Siddhanth also volunteers as one of our CSR champions and is actively involved in various initiatives at ENABL in reaching out to deprived sections of society.

Siddhanth’s advice to job aspirants

The wind industry is essentially a domain that utilizes the core expertise of mechanical and automotive engineers. Siddhanth’s advice to aspirants is to carry out a little research on expanding markets and follow announcements of new projects. The number of mechanical components that go into the functioning of a Wind Turbine is mind-boggling, extending across the ecosystem of manufacturing, transportation, installation, and maintenance – and filled with opportunities