From Turkey to Denmark: Alper’s experience with joining ENABL.

Alper, a Mechanical Engineer and Ph.D. student from Turkey, made the decision to relocate to Denmark – in his eyes, a land of opportunities with happy inhabitants and a great work-life balance.

After a targeted search on LinkedIn, Alper came across an opening at ENABL in Aarhus, Denmark. While excited about the prospect, he was apprehensive about moving due to potential language and cultural barriers and the need to step out of his comfort zone. However, upon his arrival in Denmark, he found that the shift exposed him to an environment that allowed him to unleash his full potential.

At ENABL, Alper quickly discovered that workplace culture was a priority, and his apprehensions about the language barrier melted with the friendly interactions and support from his new colleagues.

The new working platform, different from what Alper otherwise knew, brought out the best in him, earning him recognition from his manager Peter Bonde:

“Fitting into the culturally diverse atmosphere at ENABL is easy, but the pleasant surprise was the manner in which Alper’s abilities and personality shone through.”

Contribution to ground-breaking Application Customization Tool

Alper’s contribution to a new Application Customization Tool at ENABL has been nothing but remarkable. As an automation tool, it has optimized the way in which calculations and documentation are handled, reducing the time required for these tasks.

Alper’s work on the tool entails increased precision and faster documentation and development. The tool’s overarching effect on efficiency has made it an essential component of ENABL’s offerings, and it has received high praise from colleagues.

“I was given the freedom to approach the calculations differently, and I was able to improve the automation flow incrementally. This was very satisfactory to me,” Alper says.

ENABL will continue to support Alper in every way possible to help him complete his Ph.D. while performing with the same enthusiasm and professionalism he has displayed from the beginning of his journey with ENABL.