Troels Vilsgaard Jakobsen celebrates his 10th anniversary with ENABL

Meet Troels Vilsgaard Jakobsen, a Mechanical Engineer who graduated from the University of Aarhus and has dedicated a decade to the wind industry.

Troels started his professional journey as a Consultant at BIIR during the 2021 merger in which ENABL was formed. Here, he exhibited a consistent commitment to his work. Throughout his career, Troels has collaborated with industry leaders such as Siemens Wind Power and Vestas.

Early in his career, Troels worked in the Tower Department, where he specialized in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and internal designs. His expertise extended to Blade Mould Manufacturing, where he contributed to the development of blade prototypes ranging from B81 to B115.

Troels later served as a consultant in the R&D department within the Powertrain Module. Here, he worked on gearbox development with a specific emphasis on the V164 gearbox. His expertise extended to lubrication systems, high-speed couplings, and brake systems within the 2MW, 4MW, and 8MW categories. His versatility and commitment to excellence were evident.

He continued to contribute to the Service Department, where he managed gearbox CIM cases and led as the Service Tech Lead for the V236 platform, defining service scope and responsibilities together with the Service team. His proficiency was an asset to the organization.

In recent times, Troels has been actively involved in multi-brand projects, where he has focused on enhancing service quality and exploring avenues for improvement.

“In my role as a consultant, I consistently deliver results and create impact for our clients. I represent ENABL as an ambassador, embodying our values. Throughout my diverse experience in different departments, from Towers and Blades to Powertrain and now multi-brand turbines, I’ve cultivated a passion for learning and a commitment to guiding and leading my peers toward excellence,” Troels says.

As we cherish the role of experts like Troels who continue to contribute to ENABL’s success, we look forward to strengthening our relationships and endeavour to maintain the culture and environment at ENABL, reasons that set the stage for long relationships.

Join us in congratulating Troels’ journey of one decade as we extend our wishes towards success in his professional life.