Tower Upending Tool

Safe lifting of tower for installation.

The Tower upending tool (due to its shape, also called J-Hook) is a hook designed for guiding tower sections for wind turbines as they are being upended into vertical position. It consists of 2 “J’S” which unfold as the tower section is being upended from horizontal position to vertical position. This way it is possible to control the tower section and prevent it from getting damaged due to collision with objects or hitting the ground.

The main crane will lift the tower section at the top while the secondary crane with the J-Hook is attached to the bottom of the section.



Your Advantages

Attachable om both sides


Easy to use and low maintenance


Adjustable to different flange sizes


Balanced J-Hook = increased safety


Your Direct Contact

Contact our Sales Director Brian Marcimak for more information on our Tower Upending Tool.

Brian Marcimak

Sales Director, Lifting & Transport Equipment

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