The reconstruction of IRIS, an older blade yoke, is progressing rapidly

For several years, the onshore blade yoke IRIS has been stored in our facility in Hedensted. Now, our customer has decided to bring the lifting yoke back into operation. Our Service Team is actively reconstructing the yoke at a site in Denmark, and we are nearing completion.

The reconstruction is advancing swiftly, and IRIS is now ready for test execution. We are conducting both a functional test and a load test before the equipment can be handed over to the customer. Operator training is also underway, as we need to provide on-site support and training in Asia.

IRIS is destined for Asia to undertake an onshore installation of wind turbine blades. ENABL is not only providing operator training but also offering customer service support while the blade yoke is operational in Asia.

ENABL is excited about aiding our customers in reusing older equipment. We are committed to extending the lifespan of industrial equipment, aligning perfectly with our ESG priorities, and meeting the customer’s ESG demands.

We applaud the exceptional teamwork in this project!

IRIS Blade yoke

IRIS Blade yoke

IRIS Blade yoke