Sand Blasting Robot enhances production capacity for US customer

ENABL has ensured a US-based tower manufacturer equipment for automating the sand blasting process. Previously, blasting was conducted manually, and ENABL’s product therefore offers an automated solution which ensures a more effective workflow.

The US-based customer produces onshore towers and was, prior to acquiring ENABL’s Sand Blasting Robot, bound by a number of challenges with regard to the surface treatment of towers. Since the outside sand blasting was conducted manually, several man-hours went into the process, making the surface treatment time-consuming and subject to limited capacity.

Benefits of the Sand Blasting Robot

The innovative Sand Blasting Robot automates the surface treatment process, which entails both greater time efficiency and capacity. In addition, the concept is applicable for both blasting, metallizing, and painting. To the customer, this entails that the three processes have a similar interface and furthermore demand:

  • Similar spare parts
  • Similar maintenance needs
  • Similar service.

The concept is available for both existing and new cabins.

Sand Blasting Robot

Sand Blasting Robot, test setup

Sand Blasting Robot