Reconstruction of an older IRIS blade yoke

Today is Sustainability Day! On this special day, we are excited to present a great project that aligns perfectly with our commitment to support our customers in their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts.

IRIS is an aging blade lifting yoke, originally developed by Eltronic A/S in 2012 for one of our valued customers. The versatile blade yoke is designed to lift blades with lengths from 49 to 55 meters.

For some years, the yoke has been stored in our storage facility in Hedensted. Now, our customer wishes to put the lifting yoke back into operation, and that is where our Service Team comes in. They are performing the reconstruction of the yoke at a site in Denmark.

ENABL is enthusiastic about assisting our customers in the reuse of older equipment. We are dedicated to prolonging the lifespan of industry equipment. A commitment that perfectly aligns with our ESG priorities and the customer’s ESG demands.

During the reconstruction process, old containers with spare parts have been found, allowing us to replace worn components. Thorough visual inspections of the yoke have been executed. We have also delved into old documentation to facilitate the reconstruction of electrical cabinets and component identification.

Through the reconstruction of IRIS, we are not only extending the lifespan but also contributing to the green transition. This project is a collaborative effort with our customers to help meet decarbonization goals.IRIS blade yoke Reconstruction of an older IRIS blade yoke Reconstruction of an older IRIS blade yoke 2