Proficient assembly team for the assembly of a gigantic blade lifting yoke

Have a look at our assembly team and workshop in Hedensted, Denmark. A large team of 10 skilled technicians and supervisors are working on the assembly of the Janett 7. It is a gigantic 82T blade lifting yoke for offshore installation of wind turbine blades.

“The dialogue between the Project Managers and the assembly team in the project has been really great. I enjoy working with the assembly team and I would like to send the team a special thanks for their successful teamwork. They have been extremely hardworking and dedicated to the project. We have managed to navigate in the supply chain challenges we all face at the moment and adjust the project plans ongoing to ensure progress” tells Søren Bach-Rasmussen, Project Manager for the electrical assembly.

After we accomplished the assembly in Hedensted, the Janett yoke is transported to the Port of Esbjerg where we will complete the mechanical and electrical assembly and perform the FAT tests on the yoke.

ENABL_Hedensted_assemvly of Janett yoke

ENABL_Hedensted_assembly of Janett yoke

ENABL_Hedensted_blade lifting yoke


ENABL_Hedensted_assembly of blade lifting yoke

6_ENABL Hedenstred_assembly of blade lifting yoke