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Specialized Work Action Team

For efficient commissioning, hire a Specialized Work Action Team (SWAT).

New advanced equipment packages are delivered to your production site. The Site Acceptance Test of the production equipment is approved. New operators are hired, and training is completed. But you just don’t succeed. The downtime in the production line is way too high, and the frustration requires full attention and immediate improvements.

What you need is to analyze and identify the root causes for the downtime of the equipment.

Hire a Specialized Work Action Team

Specialized Work Action Team (SWAT) from ENABL which can help you identify the challenges and reach increased uptime.

Within a few days, the team can be established and present 24/7 at your site – Wherever Wind Is.

The SWAT setup is a cross-functional & cross-country team with electrical and mechanical specialists adapted to your specific needs. Dedicated and hardworking to reach the highest possible performance of your production equipment.

What does the SWAT do?

Collecting data

Systematic logging of data in ENABL’s digital platform DIAP, or an existing similar system.

Performance and downtime analysis

Based on data, we identify the causes for downtime, for instance operator errors, machine errors, PLC errors, missing workpieces, or missing processing materials, etc.

Analyses and evaluation

We use the collected data to analyze and evaluate for better performance of your equipment.

Customized training

Providing your operators with the right training will develop them significantly, operator errors will be reduced, and the operators will be able to avoid and solve errors and plan for better performance of the equipment.

Observations and documentation

We observe, support, and talk to your operators on the floor and your engineers to share knowledge, explore, and improve the operational processes.

Feedback to management

Knowledge sharing and reports to management about the performance of the equipment on a daily or weekly basis.

”The SWAT is present on site and by the machines 24/7 and has a close cooperation with the operators. Errors are solved right away, which means no delay.

After a while, we can see how the operators are better skilled to solve the errors by themselves.”

Anders Sarup,
Operation Manager, ENABL

Your benefits from the SWAT setup

Increased efficiency

Collection and analysis of data simply improve the consolidated efficiency. We identify the errors and causes of breakdowns and thereby plan how to avoid them.

Better performance

Only by identifying and analyzing operational errors, we can plan to avoid them and improve the operational processes. We target one hardcore goal, the highest possible performance of the equipment.

Efficient commissioning

Don’t underestimate the phase after the commissioning of new production equipment. It’s often harder than expected. A SWAT setup will help you with efficient commissioning and better performance of your equipment.

Fast and flexible set-up

You decide the number of members in the SWAT setup and for how long you need the team. The team can support you globally 24/7.

Comprehensive expertise

Tailored solutions

Efficient commissioning

Get in touch

Do you want to hear more about our SWAT setup?

You can reach us at

You are also welcome to reach out directly to Filip Fominjec or Camilla Povlsen Nøhr.

Filip Fominjec

Manager, Tower and Monopiles

+45 28 95 39 25

Camilla Povlsen Nøhr

Sales Director, Service

+45 42 11 89 71