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ENABL Site Solutions can provide highly skilled and engaged Specialists who you can hire for short-term or long-term projects.

Experienced within the wind industry, the Site Solution Specialists specialize within heavy lift coordination, QHSE Management, Quality Management, Fabrication Management and Site Lead.

Hiring a Specialist means outstanding flexibility, high-quality approach, fast mob & demob, and cost-savings to your projects.

Recently, ENABL acquired Emerald Wind Ltd. and established an ENABL Hungary entity. The new entity is merged into our Site Solutions business unit, adding strong capabilities to our offerings. Read more about the acquisition here.

Site Solutions - onshore / offshore

Heavy Lift Coordination

Heavy Lift Coordination during installation, main component exchanges, and retrofit support. We optimize and secure smooth operation increasing utilization of crane and technicians.

QHSE Manager

We manage standards and correction procedures, incident reporting and investigation.

Quality Management

Quality Management at wind turbine installation, tower -, nacelle - and blade production. We coordinate Q inspections, record NCC, manage customer quality system and related reporting, WTG walkdowns, snagging lists etc.

WTG Service

Special ad hoc service operations, troubleshooting and customized service solutions according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Fabrication Management

Inspection of WTG components during manufacturing, QC and on time deliveries.

Site Lead / Site Manager

We manage the site with HSE-Q, people management, and toolbox talk.

Meet Klaus with +30 years of wind industry experience

With more than 30 years of experience in the wind industry and a former career at Siemens Wind Power & BONUS Energy, Klaus Nikolaj Nielsen is a wind industry professional and a very experienced man.

Back in 2008, Klaus Nikolaj established KNN Support providing operational onshore and offshore specialists in terms of quality staff, heavy lift staff, and site management to the OEMs. In 2021, ENABL acquired KNN Support, and the employees from KNN Support joined ENABL.

Klaus Nikolaj is not only theoretical experienced as he worked as an onshore/offshore specialist at sites worldwide for several years. Today, Klaus Nikolaj is Business Development Manager for Site Solution at ENABL.

Your benefits from our Site Solution Specialists

Cost-saving Site Solutions

A combination of high-quality approach, knowledge, management, timing, logistic and technical skills provided by our Site Solution Specialists mean cost-saving solutions for your business.

Outstanding Flexibility

We conduct 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week. We work with both short period or long period contracts – customized to your exact needs. Quick response 365 days a year, swift agreement process and efficient solutions are crucial.

Efficiency even in High Wind Conditions

We target efficiency. We solve other tasks - when we experience downtime due to high wind e.g. half-yearly or yearly service tasks on other sites.

Fast Mob and Demob

We understand and comply with your urgent needs. We match skilled specialist(s) to solve your challenges in a fast, safe and efficient way.

Klaus Nikolaj Nielsen
Business Development Manager

"I know the exact challenges during WTG installations or service on sites. We add flexibility and efficiency to the OEMs operations by adding skilled, dedicated and very experienced specialists to specific tasks as heavy lifting, QHSE tasks, and tasks within fabrication and service.

Our Site Solution Specialists are skilled with different educational backgrounds as Engineers, Mechanics, Blacksmiths, Electricians etc. But it is their wind industry experience, mindset, and high-quality approach that define our dedicated specialists."

Fast Mob and Demob

Outstanding Flexibility

Cost-saving Site Solutions

Micael has +10 years of global project management experience back office and on site

“I simply just love the wind industry’s high speed and its dynamics. It fits perfectly with my skills and approach.” Micael Østergaard tells.

Micael is the Manager for Site Solution and comes with an educational background as Electrical Engineer. Micael has been working as a Project Manager for +10 years on global sites solving complex challenges on e.g. isolated site as the Thule Air Base.

In recent 6 years, Micael worked with site solutions, matching the right skilled candidates to the jobs on sites worldwide. “I am proud of providing wind industry know-how, high-end specialists and unique flexibility to match our customer’s exact needs,” Micael tells.

Get a qualified Site Solution Specialist from ENABL with

  • High-quality approach
  • Intensive wind industry knowledge
  • Accomplished and highly experienced
  • +10, +20, or +30 years of experience in the wind industry
  • The needed certificates within safety, technical training, management, quality, GWO-certificates etc.
  • Global experience
  • Skilled in English communication

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Business Development Manager

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Sales Manager, Consulting

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Micael Østergaard

Director, Site Solutions

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