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Service & Maintenance

We provide service and maintenance of equipment to ensure you high operational stability – Wherever Wind Is.

Our Service Technicians are trained and dedicated in systematic maintenance, troubleshooting, and equipment repairs.

We do know that a high uptime is crucial for you.

Our Service & Maintenance solutions includes:

  • Scheduled and Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Spare Parts
  • Equipment Storage

ENABL Service & Storage Locations

United Kingdom

Preventive maintenance

Our maintenance programs are developed by our engineers and based on experience from years of equipment operation.

Preventive maintenance is imperative in securing:

  • A high level of safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Improvement of overall efficiency
  • Minimize the corrective maintenance
  • Upgrade programs
  • extended lifetime of the asset

In addition, the programs will reduce the total maintenance cost of the asset.

Jens Pedersen
Managing Director, Welcon

"We have a good cooperation with ENABL. They respond quickly to our inquiries, both when providing support or when delivering spare parts.

It is extremely crucial for us with fast support. Good quality in the solution and a responsible partner has given us a very high uptime."

Corrective Maintenance

We can provide the corrective maintenance fast and efficient.

Our Service Technician have a solid technical experience and a strong office back-up to minimize the downtime of the equipment.

The benefits for you are:

  • Fast repair or replacement of parts
  • Short lead time on the majority of spare parts

Spare Parts

We have a team dedicated to provide spare parts on all our products and equipment:

  • Spare parts packages / kits supplied together with our equipment
  • 24/7 availability of critical spare parts can be offered
  • EDI solutions

We also keep wear parts and spare parts in stock from a number of suppliers such as; LINCOLN ELECTRIC, AWDS, NIES and BUG-O SYSTEMS.

This way, you get fast delivery of components.


"We have chosen ENABL to provide service on our column & booms. We experience a professional collaboration with competent, expertly skilled and accommodating technicians, as well as fast response to breakdowns and missing spare parts. Great satisfaction with both results and cooperation."

Lars Halberg  |  Maintenance Manager, Johnson Controls

Equipment Storage

As part of our solution, we offer to store your equipment.

Benefits for you:

  • Using storage period efficiently
  • Service and inspection during the storage period
  • Preparation before the equipment is to be taken into operation onshore or offshore
  • Planning and arranging for transport to site
  • Insurance packages

Zero safety incidents

Increase availability of equipment

Reduce total cost of ownership

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You can reach us at

You are also welcome to reach out directly to Rasmus Kjærgård Andersen or Camilla Povlsen Nøhr.

Rasmus Kjærgård Andersen

Manager, Aftersales & Service Execution

+45 51 57 26 59

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Sales Manager, Consulting

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