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Tilting Transfer Unit

Tilting transfer units make the internal transport more efficient.

With a tilting transfer unit, you achieve very safe transportation and tilting of cans. At the same time, forklift and crane resources are freed for other purposes.

  • Do you have challenges with limited crane and forklift capacity for internal transport?
  • Are you looking for a transfer solution that is capable of both tilting and transporting cans?

Then tilting transfer units  are the optimal solution for your project.

Tilting Transfer Units Make Internal Transport Efficient

Tilting transfer units are designed for the internal transport of cans. Tilting transfer units can tilt cans from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

  • Transport with tilting transfer units is much safer transport than forklift transport.
  • Using the tilting transfer unit increases forklift and crane capacity.
  • Waiting times for an available forklift are eliminated.
  • The tilting transfer unit is capable of tilting cans with and without flanges.
  • The operator gets easy and intuitive remote control.
  • The transfer unit can carry cans with different diameters.
  • Transfer units can be fully automatic, ie. without operator control.
  • The units are customized to the factory floor and specifications.

Technical Specifications

  • WLL 25 tons. Higher WLL on request.
  • Diameter at OD 3,500 – OD 4,500. Larger diameter on request.
  • Length of cans 1,000 – 4,000 mm. Larger length on request.

Much safer transport than forklift transport

Savings on forklift and crane capacity

Easy and intuitive remote control

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