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Spreader Beam

The Universal Spreader Beam from ENABL is a universal lifting solution with hydraulic adjustments to fit multiple tower sizes.

We help you increase your competitiveness by offering automated lifting equipment that focuses on safety, cost-efficiency and modular design.

Because of the flexible design of the Universal Spreader Beam, your installation time and costs are reduced significantly, without compromising on safety.

Your Benefits

Safe and time-efficient installation

Thanks to the flexibility of the equipment, the installation time is reduced and the safety is increased significantly.

Efficient and flexible

Easy to adjust and to fit to any tower bolt circle.

No heavy lifting

Operators are spared heavy lifting, and a safe and comfortable working environment is guaranteed.

Large Pin Solution

As an additional feature, the Large Pin Solution from ENABL makes it possible to automatically insert and extract the two main pins connecting the main beam with the trunnions.

As a result, operators are spared heavy lifting, and a safe and comfortable working environment is guaranteed.

Flexible Design

Reduced installation time

Improved operator working environment

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Other Solutions

Wireless Camera Solution to prevent work under suspended load.

To ease an installation, ENABL has developed a Wireless Camera Solution that can be applied for any type of handling or installation process.

The solution significantly increases your safety during installation, as no personnel are required to operate in potentially hazardous areas.

Wireless Camera Solution