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Spare Parts & Distributors List

ENABL offers spare parts for Flux Recovery Systems, Cross Slides, Liner Systems, Big Bag Systems, etc.

We offer products and spare parts from AWDS, NIES, LINCOLN ELECTRIC and BUG-O SYSTEMS.

Order products or spare parts so you keep them in stock. That is our recommendation. This way you can maintain a high uptime.

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ENABL Offers Products and Spare Parts from the Following Companies:

AWDS Technologies

ENABL sells AWDS liner units for welding heads.

We recommend that you have the liner units in stock as a spare part, to reduce downtime.

We keep 2-meter liner units in stock, but AWDS also custom-makes units of many different lengths.

Read more at AWDS’ website


NIES produces grounding systems that are part of the ENABL column & booms.

The grounding systems are essential for securing a rotating earth connection to the workpiece.

NIES is a leading German supplier. High-quality products means long service life and high reliability.

Read more at NIES’ website

BUG-O Systems

ENABL is a distributor of BUG-O track welding systems. A track welding system runs on a rail and ensures high uniformity of the welds.

In particular, the track welding systems are used to automate welding processes in the serial production of smaller units.

They can also be used as a supplement to ENABL’s solutions.

Read more at BUG-O’s website

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric is an established US supplier of welding machines and equipment. ENABL is a certified distributor of Lincoln Electric’s solutions for automation of the welding processes.

We receive products directly from Lincoln Electric’s warehouse in the Netherlands. That means fast delivery to you.

We stock selected wearing parts that are critical to maintaining efficient production.

Read more at Lincoln’s website