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Rotor Stand

A safe and simple solution for full rotor installation.

The flexible stand for full rotor installation provides several advantages compared to similar solutions.

The compact design with all components integrated into the concept means that the stand is easy to transport, safe to use and simple to handle.

The rotor stand can be delivered with an adapter, which enables the stand to be used for several different wind turbine types and rotor sizes.

Additionally, the standard profiles with no mechanical parts ensure a cost-efficient solution and short delivery time.

Your Benefits


Modular solution with few loose parts and no spare parts to reduce storage and maintenance costs.

Increased safety

Reduced usage of cranes and heavy equipment lifting increases safety at the site.

Easy to transport

The stand has shiftable legs which make the design compact and convenient to move.

Flexible and versatile

Thanks to the replaceable adapter plate, the stand can be used for any type of turbine, hub and rotor size.

Easy to transport

Safe to use

Simple to handle

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